R. Kent Hughes – Beloved Expositor

My appreciation runs high for my preaching professor in seminary – R. Kent Hughes. With all his heart he appealed to us to preach the Word using the expository method. That was 28 years ago. Now, a book on preaching has been dedicated to him: Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching: In Honor of R. Kent Hughes
The exposition of scripture was the focus of his life for over forty years. This book celebrates this legacy by bringing together fifteen of his friends to write about the things he loved so much. The Editor, Leland Ryken has included an article by D.A. Carson who speaks succinctly about critical issues for preaching by boiling it down to five observations.
Commenting on expository preaching he says that it is essentially, “unpacking what is there… If we expect God to re-reveal himself by his own words, then our expositions must reflect as faithfully as possible what God actually said…”
This was the heart of Kent Hughes’ ministry to young seminarians and I know several who continue to live the vision he cast so long ago. One Sunday morning a decade ago, my wife Deborah and I attended College Church where Kent was preaching. I could hardly hold back the tears as he preached – he was still doing the things he taught us to do so many years before and it was beautiful to me.