A Good Book for Pre-Marital Counseling

I am often asked what kinds of books I might recommend for couples who are planning to get married. Here is one, “Married for God,” by Christopher Asah. This book is really excellent. You can get it here

Here is a citation I really liked,

“For we are not made to gaze into the eyes of another human being and find in him or her all we need. And if we think we were, we are bound to be disappointed. If my dear wife ever thought I could be everything to her, then she certainly knows better now!…” 

“The moment I make my “relationship” the goal of my life, I doom myself to disappointment.” Surprisingly, the key to a good marriage is not to pursue a good marriage, but to pursue the honor of God. We need to replace this selfish model of marriage with one in which we work side by side in God’s “garden” (that is God’s world), rather than gaze forever into each others eyes.” 1

1. Married for God, by Christopher Ash, P42