A Great Awakening

They were a remnant cut down… but not destroyed. After seventy years in Babylon, the Lord enlivens them to return to the land. It is a work of grace. It is an exodus. There are three exoduses in the Bible: From Egypt to the promised land in 1445bc; From Babylon to Judah, 538bc; From the world to the kingdom of God – because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This second exodus recorded in Ezra chapter 2 displays various marks of revival the happened during this second exodus… There are three marks here: God awakens, God Provides and God employs many kinds of people. This exodus was dramatic: 50,000 people are moving across the desert for four months. Why? God is looking for worshippers who will return to His ways of worship. God desires to be worshiped and adored and praise. In this passage is a record of specific people – 50,000 of them who have it in their hearts to sacrifice the opulence of Babylon to trade it, and travel a broken down city in order to establish the worship God.