A Hundred Years of Reforming, Summary of Nehemiah

In these final verses in Nehemiah, at the end of the Old Testament history, we are brought to the cleansing of home life, and what home life was producing (Nehemiah 13:22-31). Nehemiah discovered that many of the marriages in Judah were producing pagans and were defined by paganism. Foreign matter was introduced through marriage. Family life was dramatically affected. They rejected God’s pattern for marriage and it showed. It was an urgent matter that required urgent and strong leadership. Nehemiah continues his work to “cleanse from everything pagan” (Neh. 13:30). What about our marriages and our homes? Are there any foreign elements which stand against the knowledge of God, the wisdom of God, the love of God, the purity of God? Nehemiah shows us how to confront paganism in our homes. Following are six ways Nehemiah is used by the Lord for this purpose.