An Ordinary Life together

In this series, “Joined and Knit Together,” we are casting vision and setting expectations for life at Hope Baptist Church. I would like to address the virtue and the power of an ordinary Christian life. God has given particular ways for His people to live. I would like to both explain and glorify the simple life that God calls His church to engage in. To become a church member is to enter into this simple world of rhythmic discipleship. This simple way of living is countercultural, but we are called to be strangers in a strange land. As the elders of Hope Baptist, we want our congregation to be deeply invested in that rhythm. We want them to make it the center of their life and the launching pad for everything else. To this end, I submit the following five categories of thinking:

I. The virtue of an ordinary Christian life engaged in the ordinary means of grace.
II. The current cultural environment fights against the ordinary means of grace.
III. The importance of the “regulative principle of worship.”
IV. The weekly rhythms of activity at Hope Baptist.
V. A call for the beautiful ordinary supply of God.