Biblical Practices for Church and Family Explained Here

Defining the ways that church and family intersect is the focus of, The Declaration for the Complementary Roles of Church and Family.”  When churches and families get this wrong… much goes wrong. The problem always stems from misunderstanding the doctrine and function of the family as well as the doctrine and function of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here is how the “Declaration” begins,

This declaration arises out of an era of spiritual warfare where the church is embracing cultural norms and compromising on critical elements of church life, resulting in widespread collapse of biblical family life. A lack of understanding and unfaithfulness to God’s Word in local churches and in the homes of professing Christian families has contributed to this decline of biblical Christianity and has endangered the condition of biblical family life in our churches. Unfaithful (1 Tim. 4:1) or incompetent (2 Peter 3:16) handling of God’s Word in the church leads to unbiblical practices. These unbiblical practices and traditions of men contribute to the destruction of church and family life, which brings further harm to our children, and ultimately causes the collapse of a godly society. These traditions of men minimize and even replace God’s authoritative revelation (Col. 2:8). This has rendered the church of Jesus Christ more vulnerable to false teachings derived from Feminism, Secular Humanism, Secular Psychology, Darwinism, Marxism, and other unbiblical ideologies. These vain deceits are common in our society and have infiltrated many churches that have embraced worldly paradigms for church and family life. Rather than being defined by the unifying elements of biblical order for worship and discipleship, local churches are often conformed to contemporary, secular and pragmatic philosophies which segregate, divide and overthrow the biblical order (Phil. 1:27-28). Rather than the Word of God being our “wisdom and…understanding in the sight of the nations” (Deut. 4:6), we have adopted the ways of the unregenerate and have conformed to the conventions of contemporary culture. One of the bitter fruits of this compromise is weak, fragmented churches and families.