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Why Should We Be on Time?

Here is a fascinating post by African pastor and evangelist Conrad Mbewe on why weddings should be on time.

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Sorry I Broke Your Lawn Mower – Restitution for Things Borrowed, Broken, or Stolen


Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and broke it and ignored the problem? Has anyone ever stolen anything from you and you had no biblical thinking with which to figure out what should happen next? The Bible actually has much to say about how to proceed.

In church life, this is very important. If you have a church where there are relationships that follow biblical patterns, people will sometimes sin against one another. They borrow from one another. They might ask to borrow your truck or your lawn mower. But did they dent the truck or scratch it? Did they break the lawn mower? What to do? The Bible has very helpful guidelines. Most of this teaching comes from Old Testament case law.


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Why Do Some People Succeed and Others Fail?

Same Journey – Different Results. They left at the same time, but one would return and the other would perish. This is the story of personal life, family life, church life, and business life. It matters how you proceed. Here is a dramatic example: the 1911 Antarctic expedition led by Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott. The destination of both men was the South Pole, but the results of their two journeys were radically different. (more…)

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