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Seven Objectives of the NCFIC

Here are the seven objectives of the NCFIC:

  1. 1.  Preserve and spread the true gospel from one generation to the next, through biblically-ordered, gospel-preaching, Christ-exalting churches and families.

  2. Rely upon the Scriptures alone for “all things that pertain unto life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3), obeying the Bible as fully sufficient for the ordering of the church and the family and resisting Satan’s deception designed to supplant God’s goals and methods with the world’s methods.

  3. Focus churches and families on the Word of God by restoring the practice of teaching the whole counsel of God through exegetical preaching of Scripture in the church by biblically qualified elders and daily instruction in homes by fathers and mothers.

  4. Establish the central importance of the local church for the equipping of individuals and families.

  5. Revive the biblically defined role and functionality of fathers who diligently teach their children when they “ sittest in thine house,” when they “walkest by the way,” when they “liest down” and when they “risest up.” (Deut. 6:7).

  6. Recover the relationally rich nature of the local church as the family of God by following the biblical patterns for worship, discipleship, and hospitality.

  7. Plant biblically sound churches that will likewise plant churches, which perpetuate faithfulness to the Word of God in matters of church and family life.

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Together on Purpose at Basswood

Here is how Basswood Church in Knoxville explains what they think about how age integration fits in to the life of their church. I love the way they understand and explain this. Also, see the FAQ section of their web site for more explanation.

Together On Purpose

Clarifying Our Terms

The phrase “age integrated” or “family integrated” has been attached to many things. Some of them are beautiful models of a Biblically functioning church. Unfortunately, others might seem little more than a homeschool club who get together on Sundays. Because there can be such a wide range of connotations when someone hears the phrase, we feel it is very important to be clear with what we mean if we describe ourselves this way. There are a few things that we are not saying, when we describe ourselves as age- or family-integrated.

Age integration is not a movement. Our desires spring from a Scriptural conviction, not a desire to join a separatist movement. (more…)

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Are Your Children Walking with the Wise?

In Proverbs 13:20, God commends those who seek out wisdom by walking with those who are wise. However, someone who spends his time with fools will be destroyed. In Proverbs 22:15, God says, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child.” Why then do people lump their children with other children, as a dominant source of companionship, such as during youth group? Is it for relationship? Is it so they can have fun? Is it because parents do not want to spend the time to train them? Is it because they want to worship without distraction?

Do you want your children to be wise? Put them in the company of biblically wise people. Do you want your children to be wise? Train them as it says in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Do you want your children to be wise? Obey the Word of God and command them to seek wisdom with all of their heart. Model this for them, and seek that wisdom with your children.

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Introducing the Gen2 Survey

Here is a survey from our friends at Generations with Vision:

The Gen2 Survey

After 30 years of following the homeschool movement, we’ve learned something about homeschool graduates’ academic and socio-economic successes through various studies. But what about the spiritual condition of this first generation of home education? How did we do? Where are our children today? What were the educational, cultural, relational, and spiritual influences in their lives? From all reports, the millennial generation is less committed to a Christian worldview; they’re leaving the institutional church; and they are the most narcissistic, the laziest, the most unsuccessful, and the most spiritually bankrupt generation ever.* So… what about our children? What is the condition of our homeschool graduates? What happened to those children raised in Christian homes—however they were schooled—back in the 80s and 90s? Where are they now?

Introducing. . . The Gen2 Survey.

We have released the Gen2 Survey for every young person between 18-38 years of age, whether they are Christian, Non-Christian, Public Schooled, Private Schooled, or Home Schooled. The survey is anonymous (there is no tracing of answers to sources). It will take 10-20 minutes to complete, and each participant enters a contest to win one of THREE I-PAD MINIs!

Click here to visit the Survey Webpage:


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Leaders Weigh in on the NCFIC

Scott Brown in Youth Ministry Debate

Julie Roys, I want to thank you for including me in the interview with Doug Brown and Luke MacDonald. My appeal in this interview was essentially to acknowledge that the modern, age-segregated discipleship methodology is not a creature of Scripture, but rather of the philosophy of public education and the influence of a new phenomenon – youth culture. Now is the time to sound the alarm and go back to Scripture alone, rather than trying to salvage broken patterns of a youth culture. That always has been, and will continue to be the greatest place of blessing.

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How Do I Find a Healthy Family-Integrated Church?

Here is a seven-question checklist to determine whether a church you are visiting is a healthy church: (more…)

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I Realized I’m Part of the Problem

In this video clip, I tell the story of how it was that I became a family-integrated church advocate.

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The Puritans on Children in Church

We should bring our children with us to the publick teaching, so may our private teaching prove profitable. Oftentimes divine truths are as nails, one teaching sets them in, and the other teaching fastens them; one plants and the other waters, and so of both God gives increase.

We should bring the word publickly taught home to our children, by repeating it to them, and requiring it of them. It is not enough that we with others teach them, but we must see what they learn, enlivening things upon their hearts at home, by holy counsel. At our houses we should harrow in that good seed which hath been publickly sown, that so it may be covered the closer and root the better in the hearts of the children and servants.

from “Family Religion Revived, or a Treatise as to discover the good old way of serving God in private Houses; so to Recover the Pious Practice of those Precious, Duties unto their Primitive platform.” By Phillip Goodwin, p. 401-402 (1655)

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Top Ten Bad Fruits Of Youth Culture

Jesus makes it clear that he who does anything to “cause the least of these” to stumble “it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:2). By gratifying the natural desire of youth to be with other youth and giving them what they want, even though it is destructive, we are depriving them of the mentors they need. For some, this will mean delayed maturity. For others, it may mean they will never put away childish things their whole life long. When we put children into environments that cause them to stumble, we become guilty. Jesus maintains such a high view of youth that He issues a terrifying warning to all who would cause them to stumble. (more…)

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How Family-Integrated Churches Are Equipped to Share the Gospel

How to Leave a Lasting Impact on Your Family

Doctrine is fundamental to the Christian faith and essential for the family.

The NCFIC is now releasing two new product sets on one of the most sound confessions of the Christian faith — the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 (SLBC). This confession forms a rockbed of Christian doctrine that helps to establish an unshakeable faith upon the Word of God.


The first of these products is Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine. This set contains 16 DVDs of pastoral application on the SLBC, a re-published SLBC + the Baptist Catechism, a study guide to solidify the doctrines, and an MP3 recording of the reading of the SLBC by Bill Brown.

You can buy portions of the set, but if you buy the whole set, you save over 20% on the total value!


The second product is FOUNDATIONS in Sound Doctrine. Containing about 40 hours of teaching by seven church elders and teachers, this audio teaches you how to defend biblical doctrine.

We are excited about these products at the NCFIC, because they are timely and needed to establish Christians (by the grace of God) in the firm foundation of the Word of God.

Titus 1:9 says, “Holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict.”

Get these products and seriously seek to establish your family and churches in sound doctrine.


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Triumphing Over the Obstacles in Your Path

Here are my grandsons, Triumph and Knox, making their way through the Military Obstacle Course that we set up for Memorial Day. With an imaginary sniper bunkered down in a fox hole, teams of young soldiers tried to complete the obstacle course. (more…)

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IndoctriNation in Florida – Please Help Spread the Word

A Special Message from Joaquin Fernandez, producer of the film “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

This weekend, Florida’s FPEA, who hosts the largest homeschool convention in the world, has made special, last-minute arrangements to add IndoctriNation to their program. IndoctriNation was added after the convention’s program was published. As a result, some 15,000 to 18,000 attendees will converge at the Gaylord, but few will know of their opportunity to watch IndoctriNation for free. Parents who are considering homeschooling need to know the severity of the risks of public education and the importance of not handing their children over to the state for their training.

Will you please help us raise awareness? We’re asking you to use whatever means available (e.g., phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, etc.) to shout from the housetops about this film’s availability.

The FPEA graciously assigned the “Naples” conference room to us for Friday and Saturday.  The film will play four times each day, at 10 AM, 12 NOON, 2 PM and 4 PM. Deep DVD discounts will be available.  Our potential viewing audience is 2,176.  Please help us share the piercing warnings of IndoctriNation.

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NCFIC Spanish Websites Are Launched

On Cinco de Mayo, the NCFIC is launching the NCFIC and Divided websites in Spanish!

To view the NCFIC Spanish website, click here.

To view the Divided Spanish website, click here.

Divided has been fully subtitled in Spanish and is available online with many of the bonus features actually dubbed in Spanish. Please share this with your Spanish neighbors and friends.

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