Christ is most precious, when you..

You never knew what Jesus Christ really was worth until the clouds came over your head. You had often, perhaps, heard about, and talked about, the sympathy of Jesus. But, oh dear, what an unreal thing it was until you had nothing else to fall back on! You never know what the preciousness of Christ really was worth until you saw one treasure after another melting away before your eyes. You began to wonder where the tale would end, and yet you found that after everything else had disappeared, he stood by your side the same as ever. Why, widow, did you not find Jesus Christ precious beyond all previous experience when he came to you that morning as, with blinding tears, you hung over the coffin, and took you gently by the hand and said, ‘I will never leave thee.’ Did you not get a new view of Christ then? Did not your tears serve as a prism through which the light of his countenance came more wonderfully into your soul than ever?


Brown, Archibald G. The face of Jesus Christ: sermons on the person and work of our Lord. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 2012. Print.