David Brainard’s Passion for Holiness


David Brainerd was enormously sensitive to the condition of his relationship with God. When I read his biography I was astonished at how “up” and “down” he was in his spirit. He had a moment by moment awareness of sin and his need for repentance. Here are some statements that communicate just how passionate he was,

“I know I long for God and conformity to His will, in inward purity and holiness, ten-thousand times more than for anything else here below.” Pg. 79

He prays, “Oh, that I may be always humble and resigned to God, that He would cause my soul to be more fixed on Himself, that I may be more fitted both for doing and suffering.” Pg. 76

“Oh that my soul may never offer any dead, cold services to my God.” Pg.83

Brainerd died young, but his death touched off a revival among men and platoons of them entered into missionary service for over two hundred years after he was buried. These missionaries, were affected deeply by his disposition of sensitivity to sin and the need for God’s help to conquer it.


Scott Brown speaking at the grave of David Brainerd