Do Not Learn the Way of the Gentiles

As I opened the conference with our first keynote address this evening, I was so blessed to see 2600 eager faces, the majority of whom were children. I think the stroller count per capita was the highest of any group in America. The fact that this many families would come to a conference about Scripture is a testimony to the work God is doing.

I opened the conference with an urgent appeal for the church of Christ to repent of its faithless creativity and to proclaim that the Scripture is wholly sufficient and authoritative to govern all areas of faith and practice. Those watching us may wonder–Why do we make such a big deal of this doctrine? The reason we raise this banner with such anguished urgency is this: What is at stake here is the question of the sufficiency of God. God did not breathe into the Scripture; He breathed the Scripture. Thus the battle of our day is for the Bride of Christ, in embracing the sufficiency of Scripture, to embrace the sufficiency of God Himself.

The battle over the sufficiency of Scripture is the consistent theme of Scripture, from the serpent in Eden to the temptation of Christ, and it continues unabated in our own day. We are not saying that the church just needs to be tweaked; ours is an urgent plea of anguish. Today’s church is heeding the professors rather than the prophets of God, and thus the house of God has become a house of inventions and a mirror of the world. Those who claim to be the children of God have become the children of the world. The church is not man’s playground, and living the way of the world will bring destruction.

This abandonment of the sufficiency of Scripture to the creativity of man is supported by five assumptions—assumptions widely held in the modern church:

False assumption #1. The red letters are the most important part.
False assumption #2. If it is not mentioned in the Bible, it is automatically lawful.
False assumption #3. If there is no command, it is not required.
False assumption #4: If it is not condemned in Scripture, it is authorized.
False assumption #5: The Old Testament is automatically void unless repeated in the New Testament.

The antithesis between God’s Word and man’s invention forces a battle, and those who grasp the dire urgency of the fight and run to the standard of the Word of God will reach the finish line with scars. We must join the fight, ceasing to learn the ways of the Gentiles and casting ourselves on every single word of Scripture, because our God is sufficient.