Do They Love Family Too Much?

In this video from our 2014 Burnings in the Soul men’s luncheon, Jeff Pollard addresses his audience of family-integrated church members and asks, “Do they love family too much?” Pollard stresses that we need to love Christ for who He is:

Christ is beautiful – the Scriptures make that obvious. Christ is holy, Christ is love, Christ is severe, Christ is mercy, Christ is sovereign, Christ is the judge. Do we love Him in all of those things? There’s far more! Do we love Him, if you know what that means. We want to love Him as He is, for who He is. Of course we love Him because He died on Calvary’s cross, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, and is seated at the Father’s right hand, and is coming back for us. But do we love Him because He is the judge of heaven and earth. Do we love Him for who He is? Do we love Him above all other persons, above all other things? Does He alone rule in our hearts, or have we let self, or something else usurp His throne? 

Brothers, let’s work to make the defining characteristic in our lives our unwavering love for Christ.