Either Your Belief will Kill Your Sinning or Your Sinning Will Kill Your Belief

Charles Spurgeon put his finger on one of the powers of holiness,

“Does anyone think that faith is a little thing? Why, it inaugurates purity of life. The moment that a man believes in Christ Jesus, and trusts Him, he ceases from the sin he formerly loved. Sin becomes to him a burden and a plague. If you believe, your belief will kill your sinning, or else your sinning will kill your believing! The greatest argument against the Bible is an unholy life—and when a man will give that up—he will convict himself. The Book will convict him when he has put out of the way that darling sin that now stands between him and God. A belief in God, as He reveals Himself in Christ, is the inauguration of a life of self-sacrifice and holiness.”

C.H. Spurgeon, “No Fixity Without Faith,” Spurgeon’s Gems, Eternal Life Ministries, http://ift.tt/1GsGCnZ.