Expansion of the NCFIC

We are now engaged in a significant expansion of the ministry of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. The NCFIC was founded on September 11, 2001 and after seven years of ministry and laying a foundation, we believe that now is the time to give the NCFIC a distinct internet presence. This will allow us to clarify and amplify the message, increase the services, multiply the theological resources and extend the reach of the ministry.

This expansion includes the following:

  1. Spinning the NCFIC web site out as a stand-alone resource.
  2. Locating the offices of the NCFIC in Wake Forest, NC.
  3. Getting to work on a big build-out of the web site content in audio, print and video.
  4. Adding new functions and capabilities to the web site.
  5. Adding employees.
  6. Conducting a national conference in Dec 3-5, 2009 with Voddie Baucham and Doug Phillips
  7. Discipling interns.

We believe that the church and the family are both holy institutions deserving our most excellent attentions. Please join us in prayer for the beautification and the proper functioning of church and family in our generation
Please prayerfully consider a donation to the NCFIC. Funds donated to Vision Forum Ministries must specify that the gift is for the NCFIC.