False Conversion Epidemic

The Christian Post released an article entitled: ‘Falsified’ Authors Tackle ‘Epidemic’ of False Conversions in US Churches. Vince and Lori Williams have recently written a book that addresses the issue of the mass of false converts in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The article writes: 

"Some of these seeker churches that are out there, they are preaching a different Gospel, or an incomplete Gospel," Lori told CP. She contends that these skewed Gospel teachings result in people falsely believing they are saved.

"That’s the problem. All these people think ‘I just have to believe in Jesus and then I’m saved.’ And that’s what is cranking out the false conversions. There’s no repentance, there’s no turning from the sin," she added….

"Scripture is the final authority on all matters. When people start giving their advice, that’s one thing. But if you’re giving the truth from Scripture, in context, then you’re giving absolute truth," Vince said.

"Whatever the topic may be, we’re always going to point it back to Scripture," Lori added.

Although the couple emphasizes right living as a sign of true conversion, the Williams also insist that Salvation can only be achieved by the grace of God.

Vince and Lori contend that once a person is stripped of all arrogance and pride, "you see all your sin and your need for the Holy God of this world to save you from yourself, hell, and a continual life of spiraling sin."