Fear of God Devotional: Being Exposed to the Word of God

I think some of the reforms that have been most helpful to us today. The first thing that comes to mind to me would be the sufficiency of scripture. Here were men who had basically uncovered the scriptures after hundreds of years of the Catholic Church trying to to keep them under to keep them isolated from the people and now men were being exposed to what God had actually said in his word and by getting exposed to that they were now confronted with what shall we now do. Who is the authority that we now must obey? And so you meet men like Martin Luther you meet men like John Calvin other men who stood up for the truth of the word of God and saw the word of God as an authority. And not only that but then the words were then translated into the speech of the common people so that people in Germany could actually read the scriptures in German and in other countries like England and France and so on.