Fear of God Devotional: Fathers Transformed By The Grace Of God

God has appointed husbands and fathers to be the head of their home. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. When you can’t know what that means until you know Christ in His word and you know his word well enough to set before your wife. In other words, daily family worship is absolutely crucial. It is essential to reform in any family. If the father is transformed by the saving grace of Christ even as a young believer he can set the scriptures before his wife before his children as he is commanded to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and He can model, faulty. I understand that weekly yes no arguments limited of course but we have a great and glorious savior and that savior gives men the heart and the strength to rid the world of God. To say my dear wife my dear children this is the authority in our home. The word of God especially as it is presented to us in the gospel to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to live as men we and you are to live as a woman. You children are to respect and to honor your parents. We will do all that we can to be those who walk in a way that you would desire to honor and we must bring you up and say yes and no to all kinds of things because it brings glory and honor to God. There is the responsibility of the head to administer God’s word to his family.

And then it is the responsibility of the wife it is the responsibility of the children to walk according to the leadership of that husband of that father.