Fear of God Devotional: How Do I Foster Repentance In My Family

I do believe that the father needs to be the leader in this process in the home. Wherever there’s something that’s falling short in the home, the father needs to take the mantle of responsibility for that and lead his family away from the direction that they were going into the direction that honors God. Leaders in the local church in like manner their leadership responsibility is to do the same to acknowledge where they fall short and to take the mantle of responsibility and to lead the flock in the right direction. This requires that the Scriptures be laid out in order to know where to go. We need to know the pathway that God has ordained. Many times people are very frustrated about where they’ve been or acknowledged that they’ve been in sin in some way, but they don’t necessarily clarify where they need to go from there. And I think that that’s a very dangerous moment because your eagerness to flee from one thing may end up taking you into something else that maybe isn’t biblical. So charting your course by Scripture is crucial and this is why the father needs to take responsibility in leading his family in reform. This is why the leadership of the local church needs to lead their flocks by virtue of Scripture on the basis of the authority of scripture in order to chart a course that is in the right direction that honors God.