Fear of God Devotional: How Do You Make America Great Again

You know if you go back to Alex de Tocqueville I think he made the comment in the 1800’s that America is great because America is good. But he didn’t end there he started to make reference to the religion of the country. And it wasn’t a country that was perfect by any means. I mean you still have things like slavery you still had people you know engaged and all manner of vices. But the predominant theme if you were to look at the nation what made it different why he was sent there was to examine what is it about this nation. Well, I think it becomes a nation who wants to be great to first of all look to God. And that’s the first place we ought to look and say Who is this God and if he is who he says he is then we ought to worship him as our creator. We are accountable to him as our creator. We must make sure that our laws align with the laws of God in the sense that we don’t want to make excuses for our sins any longer and it will be an immense cost I’m sure. But when a nation has that desire to be great not because of for its own aspirations not because of some sort of patriotic desire that it can wave the flag and say we’re better than you which seems to be the main thrust. It’s a nation on its face it’s a nation in sackcloth and ashes.

And I think that’s what the Lord himself has shown is that when a man humbles himself when a church humbles themselves when a nation humbles themselves they have put themselves in a position to be exalted to be lifted up. But not because they want to be exalted it’s because they want to God the living God the true God. And as a result, God blesses them.