Fear of God Devotional: If Our Nation Repented, What Would Happen

If our nation repented, we would start to see the schools dismantled. We would see entire institutions stripped down, We would see abortion end, we would see marriage reinstated as a marriage of one man one woman. We would see the Supreme Court of the United States and the president of United States call for weeks perhaps months of prayer and fasting. We would we would hear the word Repentance. Repentance would be in the common language. We’d hear media representatives speak on repentance and there would be coverage of churches that are engaging in calls for repentance and end weeks and months of prayer and fasting. This is the kind of thing we’d see across the country. We’d see the acknowledgment of God. We would see a crying out for mercy for the true and living God and we would also see a real strong sense of a harbinger of God’s judgments upon this nation. We wouldn’t just be one or two or three occasional preachers or prophets across the land speaking of the judgment of Almighty God knocking at the door we would actually hear politicians speak of this. We would hear thousands upon tens of thousands of preachers and pastors speaking of the judgment of God being something that is always imminent right there at the door.