Fear of God Devotional: John Bunyan Was A Bigger Sinner Than Paul

So this is a faithful saying it never fails to be accepted of all the Christ Jesus came into the world for this very purpose to save sinners of my chief. Can you be beyond the chief sinner. Well John Bunyan actually was a Puritan and he said the reason Paul can say I am the chief sinner because he didn’t know John Bunyan. Buyon said that I’ve got the most wicked sinner in all of England and I have found grace amazing grace for an amazing sinner. That’s what you want to cultivate your people. Show them the enormity. Pastor. Show them the enormity of their sin and show them the enormity of grace. That’s your work. And that’s what the world doesn’t want that’s what Saint doesn’t want. And that’s what a natural hardness and you know Satan wants to do. He must have minimized sin and he wants to minimize Grace citizens that he says and them and you do said he says you can’t be saved. You sin to much, comes as the roaring lion comes as an angel like he’s always trying to minimize sin and minimize grace. The world does the same thing. Yes that’s not so bad. You can do that once. So in some notable sin then they minimized grace because they don’t flee to Christ alone. But when you’re a pastor your goal is to show people the dreadfulness of sin every sin the smallest sin deserves hell because God is holy and God cannot allow that to happen anything that is stained with sin you need a savior.

But then the beauty is this the savior covers all iniquity all sin his blood cleanses for all said first John mongers. So you preach both.