Fear of God Devotional: Reforming A Whole Town

One of the greatest pictures we have of reformation that was brought because the faith we’re working on a pastor was in Richard Baxter Richard Baxter’s testimony when he came to Kidderminster was that he would walk down the street and there were no homes worshipping God. But after his faithful ministry there of setting the word before the people in what God wants from us. It is said that there in his latter years that walking down the street of Kidderminster you could rarely pass a house in Kidderminster where you did not hear the reading of a whirr and the singing of the Psalms. Because there was reformation that wasn’t brought by the work and the spirit through faithful ministry. And if men are bringing a faithful ministry and bringing the word of God to the people to spare will bless that word. The spirit will bring reformation. It’s the work of the spirit. We see this even of Christ on the cross as Christ is there dying between two criminals. We seen that both criminals we are told by the gospel writers that both of these criminals joined in to the reviling and the blasphemy of Jesus Christ. But we read that one repented and that repentance led to a rebuke of his fellow thief. He said We are dying justly we deserve what we are getting. But why are you reviling this man and blaspheming this man. He is just he has done nothing deserving of what he is going through. This is coming from a man who just hours earlier was joining in. But something had happened.

A work of the Holy Spirit it happened and we see the result of that work in hand rebuking his fellow senator who he had just been joining in with and we see the heart of this man as he turns to the savior. They are dying and he says Lord remember me just just remember me when you come into your kingdom. And then the precious words of Christ to day to day you will be with me in paradise. And so we see the working of the spirit in all of these things and we must rest on that we cannot force repentance and force reformation. We as stewards must be found faithful and leave the results to God. Duty is ours. But results are of God and God will be faithful to the preaching of his word.