Fear of God Devotional: Repentance Flows When The Word Of God Is Preached

If we preach the Word of God, if we hold this book for our people, the work of the spirit will come naturally. We read of Zacchaeus and Christ walking down the streets and come down from that tree Zacchaeus for today salvation has come to your house. What did what was the result of that. The result was Zacchaeus stood there in his house before Jesus Christ and said Lord I’m going to give away half of my goods to the poor and where I have wronged someone and stolen. I am going to restore it fourfold and so we see that when salvation came to that house we see the outworking of repentance that just flowed. Christ didn’t say what are you going to do about these areas. Where are you going to reform Zacchaeus stood there and said oh lord This is on my heart to do as my lord and savior. I’m going to make these things. This is my repentance and this is my reformation. And so when we’re faithful to God in His ways God will bring repentance. God will bring restoration.