Fear of the Lord Definition

What is the fear of the Lord?  Here is Dr. Carlton McLeod’s personal three-fold definition:

  1. The fear of the Lord is the love, reverence, awe and passion that prompts the believer to obey God.  It is that state of mental and emotional sanctification where the believer sees God as holy and a reverent trembling results.  It is the necessary characteristic of Christian discipleship where total obedience to the commands of Christ is seen as a loving response to a loving God.
  2. It is a behavioral restraining element even in the heart of those who do not follow Christ.  In other words, it is a cultural acknowledgment within man’s conscience of the Law of God (Ro 2:15).  It is a necessary component of any Godly and moral society.
  3. It is the understanding that God will one day judge the earth and all who ever lived.