Help! My Church is in Crisis

How do you persevere through trials in church life, or any other part of life? How do you go to church in a time of crisis, where there is disagreement, confusion and hurt feelings? How do you face people who have offended you? How do you spend Sunday with people who disagree? How are you supposed to sing with true love in your heart and not be fake? How are you supposed to take the Lord’s Supper and not be fake or worse, bring condemnation down upon your head by taking it in an unworthy manner? How are you supposed to talk to your brother or sister in the Lord without being fake? How do you teach your children to go through times like this?

Don’t let your children leave home without knowing that times of trial are gifts from the Lord. They are designed for good – to help us experience His love more deeply and to stimulate us to instruct our families in how we go through crises.  How do you go through a crisis in your church? I can sum it up in one phrase: Out of the overflow of love for your Lord Jesus Christ,  and your obedience to His commandments.