Helpmeet From a Different Era – Susanna Spurgeon


Susanna Spurgeon speaks glowingly of the focus of her life in their Nightingale Lane home,

“Our children grew apace in the sweet country air, and my whole time and strength were given to advance my dear husband’s welfare and happiness. I deemed it my joy and privilege to be ever at his side, accompanying him on many of his preaching journeys, nursing him in his occasional illnesses, his delighted companion during his holiday trips, always watching over and tending him with the enthusiasm and sympathy which my great love for him inspired. I mention this… simply that I may record my heartfelt gratitude to God that, for a period of ten blessed years, I was permitted to encircle him with all the comforting care and tender affection which it was in a wife’s power to bestow.”

Then, after these ten years, she fell ill and he cared for her.

From, “The Life of Susannah Spurgeon,” by Charles Ray, The Banner of Truth Trust, p173