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“Journey through he Bible” is a concise book to help families grasp the message of the whole Bible as they read it together.,

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Pre-order this new book to help you read through the whole bible and explain it to your children. We will be shipping it in November,

Everyone needs to take multiple journeys through the Bible in their lifetime. This book is designed to help you walk through the Bible and understand the context, the purpose, the messagestudy questionsapplications, and even hymns to sing for each book as you are on your journey.  Most importantly, you will see how the entire Bible points to the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one we need to see on each page. Here is what you get:

  • An explanation of the meaning of each book.
  • The historical context of each book of the Bible.
  • Questions to ask your children.
  • A hymn to sing for each book of the Bible
  • A list of the important matters of each book.
  • A list of key memory verses.
  • A basic outline of each book

Use this book as a guide while reading the Bible to your family. It contains a summary of each book, a hymn to sing that focuses on the main idea of the book, questions to ask and many other resources to help you understand and explain “the whole counsel of God.”

This resource did not come out of a theoretical or academic environment.  Rather, it is a product of our family worship times as we read through the Bible together as a family. As each year passed, I kept adding to a document which contained introductory information about the book, questions to ask, an outline and more… This book is a compilation of many of those notes.

This book is a concise guide to help you explain the books of the Bible to those who are reading through it.

How it came about:

As our children were growing up, our family made it our practice to read the Bible from cover to cover. We did this for many years. Some of our children learned to read by reading progressively more words as we read the Bible together. This book is a product of our family worship times as we read the Bible together as a family.

As each year passed, I kept adding to a document that contained introductory information about each book. I used this document to give my family background information for each book and to record the things I felt were important about it. By the time our children were adults, I had over 400 pages of notes. These notes documented the following kinds of information: This book contains many of these notes as well as notes I collected as I studied these books on my own and as I preached through them over the years.

Pre-Order Now: $14.95