Let’s Keep Biblical Motherhood Alive… By Breathing Life Into Our Mothers

If you would like some ready made tools for encouraging your mothers, you can get them in “A Theology of the Family” 

Now through Wednesday, you can get it for $14.97 (50% off).

In this volume is a great section on motherhood. It’s chock-full in inspiration for mothers. This section contains ten short articles that will warm the heart of a mother…

Here are some of the titles:

  • The Dignity of Motherhood, Jabez Burns
  • A Mother’s Main Responsibility, Thomas Boston
  • Keepers of the Springs, Peter Marshall
  • Biblically Training Children, John Angell James
  • A Mother’s Legacy to Her Unborn Child, Elizabeth Jocelyn
  • Loving, Wise Chastening, Richard Adams
  • A Mother’s Encouragement, James Cameron
  • A Gospel Call to Mothers, James Cameron
  • Church and Motherhood, Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Preserving biblical motherhood in our times is an urgent need.

James Cameron said to mothers, “The work in which you are engaged is directly and pre-eminently the work of God.” – Theology of the Family, Page 443