Abortion Clinic Chronicles: Letters for Life from Little Ones

As we continue to gather as families at the local abortion clinic, it’s been a challenge to find ways to incorporate our younger children in the outreach we’re engaged in. However, a recent past week marked one of first times an entire family came prepared, each with a special gift to give.

If you were a mom driving into the clinic this past week, you would have received handrawn notes and pictures from 7-year-old girls, saying, “I am adopted. I pray that you would keep your baby.” “Please don’t go in that place. We love you.”; and “A baby is in your belly. It is alive.”

Though the clinic is removed from the road, every car coming through that entrance passes an army of little children with their arms extended, offering their letters.

These are “Letters 4 Life” – many of which are written by children whom God has spared from the horror of abortion and placed into Christ-centered families.

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