NCFIC Ministry Update

Right now I’m in a convoy of three vans loaded with men headed to “The Life of a Shepherd.”  in Montgomery Alabama. This is a marvelous opportunity to equip men from our local church and strengthen churches around the nation.

Our mission: We are going to state again that the Word of God alone is sufficient for the government of the church of Jesus Christ. We pray that this conviction is the legacy we will leave in the hearts of men and women.
Other matters:
Our work continues to be focused on showing how the church and the family are brought into Biblical order. Holy families and churches are vastly important. We continue to seek ways to spread the message of the sufficiency of scripture for church and family life. Here are some of the fronts we are working on this year:
1. Read 2018. We launched a new book, Journey Through the Bible  and encouraged families to read the Bible in 2018. 625 signed up and approximately 30 pastors are joining me on a webinar each Friday to discuss what we read.
2.  Life of a Shepherd Conference, Mar 15Montgomery, Ala – There will be approx. 120 in attendance. 
Topics to be addressed:
Setting Unfinished Things In Order
Elders Who Excel Still More
Defining Elder Authority
Where Are We Going To Get Future Elders?
Start To Finish Process For Nominating And Qualifying Elders
Navigating The Landmines Of Shared Leadership
How Do Elders Help A Church Not Bite And Devour
How Should Elders Deal With Pornography In The Church
The Family Life Of An Elder
The Importance Of Vocational Elders
How Deacons Can Help Their Elders
How Elders Should Care For Deacons
Question And Answer Panel
Faithful Shepherds, Ezek 34
3. Church leaders meetings 2018. So far this year, I have conducted meetings with pastors in our network in Indy, St Louis, Chicago, Calif, Montgomery. In the third quarter of this year, I plan to do the same in Colorado and Texas.
4. Website modifications – to make our website more information based – characterizing our convictions on the main page and behind it, we are improving our web presence. Here is a mock-up sample, We plan to launch the new version in the next couple of months.
5. Getting the Picture Right – In the summer we are conducting a marriage conference or couples married seven years and under, June 22-23, location, Brown’s barn.
6. National Conference, The Glory of Jesus Christ. Please pray that whole churches would come to be with us at this conference.
7. Video production. We are currently producing dozens of video presentations featuring several speakers in preparation for our conference, The Glory of Jesus Christ
8. Writing
I am writing a book on fatherhood and launching portions of the book in the form of short articles on my blog… example: