New Testament Survey – 1st & 2nd Peter – Listen Live at 5:00pm EST

As we are seeking to be refreshed by the early church we encounter Peter who desires his readers to recognize how they are kept by the power of God. Peter is writing to a despised and persecuted people. On July 19, 64AD, a fire broke out in Rome. The flames licked up large parts of the city and both mansions and hovels were destroyed. The fires burned for three days and three nights. There were rumors that Nero had his men all over town trying to hinder people from putting out the fires. Nero identified a scapegoat – the Christians. A savage outbreak of persecution ensued. Peter brings practical instruction to those who are suffering the fires of persecution. While he gives them much practical instruction, his main message is that they will be kept by the power of God. In his second letter, Peter is concerned about the progress of false teachers. He instructs the church what will happen to the false teachers and how they ought to respond. 

Listen Live @ 5:00PM EST