Early Bird Registration Ends October 24th

The early bird registration discount for the Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 Conference ends on October 24th. If you are planning to come, make sure to sign up soon.

Register HERE.

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SOS Men’s Chorale


…and you are invited to participate!
Announcing the SOS Men’s Chorale directed by Neil Craig. Twenty-five selected men will raise their voices together in praise to the Lord and perform all three nights of the Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 Conference. Auditions must be recorded and sent to Neil Craig for review and approval.
The final selected men will be sent recordings of their part to learn, and then will practice together on location at the conference before performing. Under the masterful direction of Neil Craig, amateur performers turn into a powerful Men’s Chorale that will raise the roof in song.

Click HERE for more information.

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Scripture For Meditations Before Bed and When You Wake Up

“With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early; ” Isaiah 26:8-9

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Father/Son Retreat 2009

This past week, we had the privilage to once again hold our Father/Son Retreat at the Brown Family Farm. Messages included, Walking With Your Son, Scott Brown; The Biblical Doctrine of Fatherhood, Charles Churchill; Rejoicing with Your Son, Dan Horn; For a Generation of Boys who Fight, Peter Bradrick; The Seven Tests of David Brown, Scott Brown; David’s Valiant Men, Dan Horn

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Elder Discipleship: An Invitation from Scott Brown

View the Elder Discipleship page HERE to find out more about this online program.

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Sweet Dependency Upon God

Here is an amazing and beautiful revelation of our dependence upon God.

“You have also done all our works in us.” Isaiah 26:12

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Handling Controversy- Advice from John Newton

Times of reformation can be challenging because they usually include tests of love. Tempers can flare as “turf” is challenged and well worn practices are questioned. On the one hand, we ought to welcome Christlike debates on important matters, while at the same time, we ought to be aware of our responsibility to preserve love. Here is a letter from John Newton to a friend on how to handle the controversy at hand.

A minister, about to write an article criticizing a fellow minister for his lack of orthodoxy, wrote to John Newton of his intention. Newton… READ ARTICLE

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NCFIC Announces: Elder Discipleship – Training shepherds for the Church of God

The purpose of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches is to promote healthy, Christ centered, biblically ordered, family integrated churches. One of the critical components of this is equipping elders because a student becomes like his teacher (Luke 6:40) and the church will become like the elders who lead it.

One of the greatest needs in the church today is the supply of qualified elders. When I ask leaders what their churches need most, four out of five say, “qualified elders.” Everywhere I go, this is the cry.

In the same way that healthy families spring from healthy fathers and mothers, healthy churches are the result of godly elders. The appointment of godly elders is critical because they have a reforming influence on the church, for they “set in order the things that are lacking” (Titus 1:5).

The ultimate purpose of this elder discipleship program is to contribute to a rising generation of gospel centered leaders who will take care of the church of God – God’s way. For, without qualified, gospel centered leaders, how will we have gospel centered, God pleasing churches?

For a thorough overview, book reading list, and schedule visit:


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Early Bird Registration Ends Soon!



Scott Brown

Ken Ham

Doug Phillips

Kevin Swanson

Paul Washer

Voddie Baucham

Joe Morecraft

Andy Davis

Early registration for the Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 conference ends on October 24th. At that time registration costs will be going up. Join Paul Washer, Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Voddie Baucham, Kevin Swanson, Joe Morecraft, Andy Davis, Bill Einwechter, and Jeff Pollard this December 10-12th. REGISTER SOON.

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Q and A with Kara Powell


Our friend, Matt Hudson, has written an insightful review of a fascinating article entitled, “Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over,” He pin points a fatal flaw in the thinking of modern evangelicalism. It always asks what’s new and what works instead of asking what saith the scriptures.

In the original Article, “Leadership Journal” editors, Marshall Shelley and Brandon O’Brien, spoke with Kara Powell about her research and its consequence for the local church. In the interview, she documents the rise of the modern youth ministry movement which proliferated age segregated worship and discipleship to be a sort of “gospel.”

Q: Where did the popular age-segmented paradigm of youth ministry come from?

A: In the 1940s and post World War II, there was a real burst in parachurch organizations focused on ministry to teenagers and young adults, such as: Young Life, Intervarsity, and Youth for Christ. In many ways, they led the way for the church in realizing that we need to focus on specialized discipleship and teaching for teenagers.

Q: Why did the church adopt this age-segmented model of ministry?

A: Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life, liked to say, “It’s a sin to bore a kid with the Gospel.” So he developed some amazingly creative models of youth ministry that took root and bore fruit. I think a lot of churches saw the success of groups like Young Life and started thinking, ‘If the parachurch folks are tailoring their ministry toward young people’s interests, then we can—and probably should—too.’

Read Kara Powell’s interview HERE.

Read Matt Hudson’s review HERE.

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Scott Brown Interviews with Prime Time South Florida



I had the privilege recently to do an interview with Brigitte Sylvester of Prime Time South Florida. We were able to discuss the pandemic decline in the church. Brigitte did a remarkable job with the interview. She was extremely gracious and professional. The interview highlighted some major points and also encapsulated well the vision of both the NCFIC and the upcoming Sufficiency of Scripture Conference this December. To find out more about Brigitte and her program click HERE.

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If Sports Teaches Character Then Why Do 78% NFL Players Go Bankrupt?



Sports Illistrated Magazine reports that things don’t go well financially with retired NFL Players.  Chris Chase, sums it up on Yahoo Sports:

“Within two years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or in severe financial distress. Unlike Rocket Ismail, most of those players can’t blame it on the negative karma associated with getting a bear hug from Michael Irvin.

How is this possible? The minimum salary for rookies in 2009 is $310,000. That jumps to $460,000 for two year veterans. How can men who earn so much have so little after retirement?”

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Woman Dies at 99, Leaves behind 1,400 Descendants


Here is woman in Israel who had seven sons and four daughters. Married at age 19, Rachel Krishevsky “brought up her children to see children as a great joy.” One of her grandchildren says with pride, “[Grandma] knew all of her descendants.” Imagine a family reunion with 1400 present – and as a grandmother, you know all of them!

View the entire story HERE.

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Female Pastors Double in Past Decade


George Barna has reported that there has been a dramatic rise of female pastors. He begins his report stating that prior to 1990 there was virtually no growth of female pastors serving in protestant churches. Then he states, “From the early 1990s through 1999 just 5% of the Senior Pastors of Protestant churches were female. Since that time the proportion has slowly but steadily risen, doubling to 10% in 2009.”

This trend is just one more marker for the loss of the conviction of the sufficiency of scripture within the church. This rising number of female pastors stands among many other contemporary trends which indicate that the church is becoming more and more a mirror of the world and is losing its distinctiveness. But why? No longer is she governed by bible doctrine, but by pragmatic considerations.

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Granddaughter of P51 Pilot Flies WWII Biplane



Dream became reality for my daughter Kelly Bradrick last week when she and her husband visited friends in Colorado and were gifted with rides in a fully restored vintage WWII Stearman Biplane. Kelly, author of Coming In on a Wing and a Prayer, has spent countless hours talking to her grandfather, researching, and writing about planes during WWII and this flight was the culmination of a long held dream. Thank you Bill Brown. And thank you Ben Sollenbarger of 007 Dusting. My father, Bill Brown, trained in a plane just like this to prepare to be a WWII P51 Mustang fighter pilot. My father’s story is also recorded in Doug Phillip’s film, “League of Grateful Sons.”


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