The Great Commission – a Command, Not a Suggestion

Don Hart on the Church’s Duty to Equip the Saints

How Can a Whole Family Go on the Mission Field?

How a Family Is a Teaching Tool on the Mission Field
When Your Husband Wants to Take His Wife to a Poor Country
When a Wife Leaves Her Friends to Follow Her Husband
Why Did You Bring Your Children to the Mission Field?
Why Bring Your Family
to the Mission Field?
Downsides of Families
on the Mission Field
Upsides of Having Your Family on the Mission Field

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The Challenges and Opportunities of Missionaries

Here is Jimmy Lipunga speaking of the challenges and opportunities of missionaries…and even the opportunity before us in Malawi now. Jimmy is the organizer of the citywide men’s conference coming up on Friday.

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Dan Horn on the Scope and Greatness of the Great Commission

Malawi – The Country Where the State Listens to the Church

Calvin on Predestination

In his book, Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, Calvin wrote: “Since we do not know who belongs to the number of the predestined and who does not, it befits us so to feel as to wish that all be saved. So it will come about that, whoever we come across, we shall study to make him a sharer of peace…even sever rebuke will be administered like medicine, lest they should perish or cause others to perish. But it will be for God to make it effective in those whom He foreknew and predestined.”1

1. Calvin, Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, trans by J.K.S. Reid (London, James Clarke & Co., 1961), 138.

(Found on page 381 in chapter 25: John Calvin, Evangelism, and World Missions in 2,000 Years of Christian Theology The Story & History of Theology in the Church Study Course by Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft III)

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Joel Beeke on Evangelism in the Local Church

Kamikaze Evangelism vs. Biblical Evangelism

Paul Washer and Scott Brown on Cultural Relevance

Stay Tuned for White Unto Harvest Videos

Over the next several weeks, I plan to release short videos that will give you a taste of what we’ll talk about at White Unto Harvest. There will be videos on street preaching, the Great Commission, families and evangelism, and much more.

Stay tuned.

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A Goodbye Message for My Family and Grandchildren As I Leave for Malawi, Africa

Prayerless Praying

Jeff Pollard said this to me, “It’s possible to pray and be prayerless.”

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Federal Debt at 100,000 Per Household and Rising Quickly

Most people agree that strange and confusing times are upon us economically. Here is some local Raleigh real estate market analysis on the economy from the Linnemen Letter.
Another aspect of uncharted waters is that outstanding U.S. federal debt has doubled in the last four years, resulting in a nearly $100,000 per household liability (and rising at the rate of $12,000 per year) associated with that debt. Who will buy this mounting debt, and at what rate, are questions everyone asks but for which there are no clear answers. Over the past 18 months, the Federal Reserve has been the primary purchaser of newly issued federal debt, with the private sector a net seller. Will the Fed be able and willing to purchase newly issued federal debt? This is an important question, as the Fed is artificially keeping interest rates near zero across the yield curve. But no one (including the Fed) knows what the Fed will do, because we have never before witnessed such monetary expansion by the Fed.

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When Desires Are Too Passionate and Hopes Too Optimistic in Marriage

It always makes for trouble in relationships when there is an expectation of perfection. Here is a clip from a sermon stating the details of how this happens and how to address it:

Half the miseries and disquietudes, half the interruptions of conjugal peace and domestic felicity, arise from desires too ardent, and hopes too sanguine; both parties, at their first entrance into the nuptial state, especially in youth, are apt to form to themselves ideas, very inadequate and disproportioned to the condition of human life; to entertain delusive notions of a romantic and visionary paradise, where the earth is cloathed with perpetual verdure, the flowers never fade, and the fruits are immortal; but when instead of this, they begin, perhaps in a short time, to feel the thorns springing up under their feet, (more…)

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