Bill Henderson Left Us an Inspiring Example to Follow

Last night, Bill Henderson passed into eternity. To me he was a hero. He was a Marine and a true war hero. He was a son. He was a father. But, in the past decade that I knew him, he was simply a courageous, outspoken, and faithful Christian man who wanted to tell the stories of God’s faithfulness to the next generation and sing the praises of his God. We will all remember Bill most for his love of his Savior, Jesus Christ. He spoke constantly of Him
– Jesus Christ was the most prominent thing of his life.

I met Bill in 2003, when a friend of mine told me that I simply had to meet a man named Bill Henderson, a Marine who had fought on the beaches of Iwo Jima. In 2005, I went with my friend Doug Phillips and visited the island of Iwo Jima with Bill, where we filmed the “League of Grateful Sons. a documentary designed to honor the veterans of the Second World War. Bill and my father inspired me to write about his experience in the battle for Iwo Jima, in my books “Preparing Boys for Battle,” and “Moment of Courage.”

Our meeting led to his speaking at our Memorial Day Picnic for nine years, from 2004 to 2012. We shared many blessed moments at our annual Memorial Day Picnics on my farm. Here is Bill Henderson’s message he sent to be read at Memorial Day 2013, which he was not able to attend due to his decreased ability to move around. (

“One of the examples of the meaning of memorial is “something intended to commemorate someone”; honor, respect and pay tribute. Today we take leave of our frantic, desperate pursuits to survive; stand at attention and earnestly declare “thank you” to all those who paid the ultimate price to secure and preserve my liberty and freedom. Don’t weep for them. They lived, fought and died for something more precious than ther life which resulted in something greater than anything they could have achieved by living. The knowledge of this made heroes out of cowards and common people. Uncommon I (we) have inherited a debt I (we) can never pay. Today, I pledge that I will live every day in such a way as to make a payment on that debt. God bless their memories and God bless America.”

Here are articles that I wrote over the years about the legacy of Bill Henderson:


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Join me on Sunday at Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls Idaho



I have the privilege of preaching at Eastside Baptist Church, where my friend Paul Thompson is a pastor. It’s great to be in this agricultural center where potatoes are king and Evel Knievel jumped the Snake River many years ago. But now, we call men out of the couch potato mode and into the nexus of biblical courage – “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Today and tomorrow I will also be conducting one of our Master’s Plan for Fatherhood conferences

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A Boy and a Bear

At our Texas “Masters Plan for Fatherhood” conference, Don Hart, speaking from Ephesians 6 on the whole armor of God, told a story from his own life about the importance of having your spiritual weapons at hand – at all times. He said, “My best times as a son were always with my dad. Now that I know what it is to be a hard-working, tired daddy myself, I’m so much more grateful for all his sacrifices for me. He was never too tired – he just gave himself for us…and one time he gave me a bear hunt. He went with me, and it was glorious. On that hunt, I learned a lesson about how much good a weapon does a man if it is NOT in his hand…and I almost learned it the hard way. ” Here is the rest of the story of a boy and a bear:

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Join Me in Fredericksburg Sunday, September 8th

Please join me in Fredericksburg, TX  Sunday, September 8th, where I will be bringing the message in the main worship service at Fredericksburg Christian Fellowship.





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Preparing for Corporate Worship

Here is the fourth of five videos in The Family That Worships Together. Learn more about the Worship of God conference.


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How Singing Can Be an Offense to God

Ezekiel the prophet laments the often repeated condition in the church of singing lovely songs and playing well on instruments. However, they can be an abomination. This condition is repeated in modern churches where the songs are appealing and moving to the emotions, but the people remain worldly.

So they come to you as people do, they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they do not do them; for with their mouth they show much love, but their hearts pursue their own gain. Indeed you are to them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument; for they hear your words, but they do not do them (Ezek. 33:31-32).

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Join Me in the Hill Country of Texas for a Fatherhood Tune-Up

I hope you can join me in Kerrville, TX with the speakers pictured above on September 5-7, as we partner with FORGE ministries to bring you the Master’s Plan for Fatherhood weekend event.

Why are we doing this conference? The practices and principles of fatherhood have nearly disappeared in our society and we want to recruit men to take on the biblical fatherhood paradigm. It is time for a new generation of fathers to rise up and throw off the old, broken paradigms which were the norm for our fathers. We need a new kind of father – the kind of father that Scripture tells us about.

Here is a brief video trailer for the conference:


“The Master’s Plan for Fatherhood” Talks

  • The Doctrine of Fatherhood from Genesis to Revelation, Doug Phillips
  • Abraham – Understanding the Purpose of Your Life, Genesis 18, Scott Brown
  • Asaph – Breaking Free from the Patterns of Your Fathers, Psalm 78, Cody Carnett
  • Moses – Saturating Your Household With the Word of God, Deuteronomy 6, Michael Gobart
  • Case Study of Headship in the Home, Numbers 30, Kevin Swanson
  • Fathers and Sons Working Together, John 5-8, Scott Brown
  • The Secret of Happiness in the Home, Psalm 128, Doug Phillips
  • By Wisdom a House Is Built, Proverbs 24, Bob Welch
  • The Father Who Would Not Restrain His Sons, 1 Samuel 1-4, Michael Gobart
  • The Discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ As Our Pattern for Fatherhood, Scott Brown
  • Job – The Sanctifying Fatherhood of Job, Job 1, Stephen Hopkins
  • David – A Father Who Taught His Son, Proverbs 4, John Latham
  • Malachi – Fathers’ Hearts Turning Towards Home, Malachi 4, Kevin Swanson
  • A Father’s Child Raising Handbook, Proverbs 1-31, Don Hart
  • The Rechabites – 300 Years of Honor, Scott Brown

In addition to our messages on fatherhood, notice these amazing messages that will be given at the same time (more…)

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Mercy Presupposes Sin?

Each Tuesday at 6:00 am, we gather the men in our church together to study the passage of scripture we will be studying on Sunday. When we were in the Beatitudes, we considered, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will obtain mercy.” Here are some of the thoughts that arose from our discussion:

When Jesus spoke of the blessings upon the heads of the merciful, he was not speaking of a secularized, psychologized, feminized type of mercy. He was speaking of the kind of mercy God has. Our thinking is fuzzy and even polluted when we think of mercy. This is why it is so important, in our day to develop an explicitly biblical doctrine of mercy – what it is and what it is not. There is a critical need for clarifying the doctrine of mercy. For example, the mercies of God include things like, Justice, Righteousness, and Punishment.

Also, mercy looks at suffering and desires to see it be relieved. Therefore, mercy does something about the suffering. It does not just sit there idly by and let it happen. It cares enough to take action with tangible remedies.

Here is what Tommy Vestal wrote reflecting on our conversation. He is making the point that, Mercy presupposes sin – and deals with it.

This concept of mercy begins with an assumption of an underlying condition that there is sin and unrighteousness present. For mercy to be present requires sin. Along with mercy comes the idea of forgiveness, but the two are not the same. Forgiveness recognizes wrong doing and forgets it. Forgiveness puts sin away without accountability or recompense. Mercy recognizes wrong doing, holds it accountable and contends with it with perseverance and endurance; love and long-suffering. The difference from forgiveness is the added elements of continually contending with a condition, to hold one accountable to God’s standard; not wavering on the standard, but flexing with ones inability to keep it. The application of mercy may include actual punishment and it may also not include punishment, but warn of its inevitability. Mercy can therefore be displayed from subordinate to superior, child to parent, citizen to civil magistrate etc. This ultimately leads one to an inevitable discussion that since we cannot keep the law and need mercy, the law of God is driving us to the knowledge of our need for a savior and the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.

The character trait mercy can only then therefore be displayed by he who has been called into repentance by faith and saved by grace with the revelation and knowledge of his own sin by the conviction of the law of God. Mercy can only truly be shown then by one who is truly poor in spirit, that knows the futility of his own actions against the measure of the moral law of God and sees his own condition as helpless without a savior to fulfill it.

In short, mercy is shown by loving your neighbor as yourself, for no man ever hated his own flesh.

How then do those who are merciful obtain mercy? By the grace of God and not of any work within themselves given by the mercy of God. How then does a Christian show mercy? By doing so without conditions as mercy was first shown to us by God and in whom His mercy and grace gave birth to faith and faith unto salvation.”

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The Awful Woe of Adding or Subtracting from Scripture

Here A.A. Hodge diagnoses the trap that “dapper preachers” fall into by claiming that “the age has outgrown the doctrine”:

Let us reverently remember the awful woe which the Holy Ghost denounces upon him who either “shall add anything unto” or “shall take away” aught from that which God has revealed in the Scriptures. Rev. xxii. 18, 19. It is certainly as impious, and perhaps more foolish, to refuse to see clearly what God has revealed clearly, as it is to attempt to understand in detail great undefined facts which God has seen fit to leave upon the verge of our horizon. We hear of some dapper preachers who claim that the age has outgrown doctrine. They have advanced around the circle to the place from which they started, and hope they are ready again to enter the kingdom of heaven like little children, as far as ignorance is concerned. Let it be remembered that systematic theology has its essence simply in clear thinking and clear speaking on the subject of that religion which is revealed in the Scriptures. A man can outgrow systematic theology, therefore, either by ceasing to be clear-headed, or by ceasing to be religious, and in no other way. I suppose some escape in their haste by both ways at once. – A.A. Hodge, The Atonement, (Memphis, TN: Footstool Pub., 1987), 22.

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Worship in the Family

Here is the third of five videos in The Family That Worships Together. Learn more about the Worship of God conference.


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The Trumpet of the Revolution Tour 2013

Join Dan Horn and the Horn family on Labor Day week, September 2-7, 2012, for a week-long tour covering the history of early America, the founding of the nation, and the life of Patrick Henry. Explore with us the story of Jamestown, visit the recreated colonial town of Williamsburg, walk the battlefield at Yorktown, and see history come to life in a reenactment of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech. Along the way, hear the stories of Bacon’s Rebellion, the War for Independence, and the political debates that accompanied the founding of the new nation.

There are still seats available. Find out more at

Following is some logistical information:

This year, we are staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Richmond – West End/Innsbrook. Monday through Wednesday night, we will be in suites with two double beds, and  Thursday through Friday night, we will have to move to suites with one king bed due to the unavailability of the doubles. All rooms also have pullout sofas. We will need to reserve our rooms by Wednesday, August 28th. The price per night is $79 + tax. Breakfast is included at the hotel from 6am to 9:30am and they have a manager’s reception Mon. thru Thurs. from 5pm – 7pm for a light dinner.

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Amusement – The Devil’s Half-Way House to the World

Archibald G. Brown, Charles Spurgeon’s successor, marks what is an important discussion in our day of entertainment – saturation:

The mission of amusements is the devil’s half-way house to the world. It is because of what I have seen that I feel deeply, and would fain write strongly. This thing is working rottenness in the Church of God, and blasting her service for the King. In the guise of Christianity, it is accomplishing the devil’s own work. Under the pretence of going out to reach the world, it is carrying our sons and daughters into the world. With the plea of “Do not alienate the masses with your strictness,” it is seducing the young disciples from the simplicity and the purity that is toward Christ. Professing to win the world, it is turning the garden of the Lord into a public recreation ground. To fill the temple with those who see no beauty in Christ, a grinning Dagon is put over the doorway.It will be no wonder if the Holy Ghost, grieved and insulted, withdraws his presence; for “what concord hath Christ with Belial, and what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?” (more…)

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How God Wants to Be Worshipped

Here is the second of five videos in The Family That Worships Together. Learn more about the Worship of God conference.


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Matthew Henry Did Not Go to University

Here is a snippet out of W. Tong’s biography of Matthew Henry, written soon after his death in 1716. He explains why Matthew Henry did not go to a university:

Mr. Phillip Henry had so great a kindness for the universities and valued so much the mighty advantages of improvement there, that he advised his friends who designed their children for scholars to send them thither for many many years after the change; but long experience altered his mind and he chose rather to keep his own son at home with him, than to venture him into the snares and temptations of the university.

And certainly in that way of education that his father chose for him, he not only escaped the snares of the publick universities, but made advances in all useful learning, equal to most that have been trained up in those famous nurseries of science; which yet must be imputed to as uncommon capacity and diligence, and to that blessing of God that always attended him.

An Account of the Life and Death of the late Reverend Mr. Matthew Henry, Minister of the Gospel at Hackney, who died June 22nd 1714 in the 52nd year of his age, 1716, P26.

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A Voice for the Voiceless

My friend, Phillip Leclerc, recently made a short video for a man down in Florida who has been taking the Word of God to people who are considering abortions.

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