Give Ear Unto God’s Holy Word

I asked Prentiss Allen, Christiana Kendall, and Hunter Kendall to sing this final song, “Give Ear Unto God’s Holy Word.”  The words are so powerful and so fitting for our Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Celebration,

So shall thy children hope in God, and not forget His name, But follow in the ways of Him Who always is the same.

Give ear unto God’s Holy Word and hear His perfect law; Remember what His hand hath done and tell His works to all.
Recount unto thy children’s hearts the things which thou wast told, The truth which thou hast heard and known from generations old. (more…)

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How a Parade Honors Others

We held our very first parade at the Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Picnic.

Parades are iconic in many cultures. In the Roman culture, parades were held for the great victories and celebrated the might and power of the Roman state.

In America however, we should have parades in celebration of significant events and should use them to establish the significance of and remember the goodness of God to us as a nation, whom He has protected and given great blessing to. (more…)

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The Cook of the Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Picnic

Lester Barham roasted pigs and cooked hushpuppies to feed the over 2000 people that came to honor God and our veterans at the Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Picnic.

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My Latest Grandson

Meet Michael Courage Bradrick, 5 pounds 14 ounces, born on the same day his great grandfather Brown was shot down in WWII over Tokyo Bay. He is named after his grandfather Michael Bradrick.


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Triumphing Over the Obstacles in Your Path

Here are my grandsons, Triumph and Knox, making their way through the Military Obstacle Course that we set up for Memorial Day. With an imaginary sniper bunkered down in a fox hole, teams of young soldiers tried to complete the obstacle course. (more…)

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Smiles at the Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Picnic

Little Boys of North Carolina Unite

Please accept my invitation to join my grandsons, Triumph and Knox (pictured above), for our annual Old-Fashioned Memorial Day Picnic.

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With the Price Brothers Before the Memorial Day Picnic

The Beauty of Beholding God

My daughter Claudia sent me this yesterday midmorning… what a blessing to pause and consider the beauty of beholding God in the days He provides…

Quote of the Day

“I had a vehement longing of soul after God and Christ, and after more holiness, wherewith my heart seemed to be full, and ready to break… I spent most of my time thinking of divine things, year after year; often walking alone in the woods, and solitary places, for meditations, soliloquy, and prayer, and converse with God; and it was always my manner, at such times, to sing forth my contemplations. I was almost constantly in ejaculatory prayer, wherever I was. Prayer seemed to be natural to me, as the breath by which the inward burnings of my heart had vent.

~ Jonathan Edwards (“Personal Narrative” in Jonathan Edwards: Representative Selections)

This quote came from John Piper’s book Desiring God.

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Making Memorial Day Meaningful for the Generations

Next Monday, please come to my farm and join hundreds of people at an old-fashioned Memorial Day Picnic, as we remember the fallen, proclaim the gospel, and seek to rebuild a culture of honor.

Also, please read this special Memorial Day note from my friend Doug Phillips:


On behalf of the the children of America whose future was purchased through your sacrifice more than half a century ago, we honor you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and purpose to pray for you throughout the year that the Lord would bless you and cause His face to shine upon you and all your progeny. At this crucial moment in American history, when the hope of our nation rests upon the mercy of the Lord, we stop to give thanks for you and all the fathers through whom the Lord worked to secure our liberties.
From the Awards of Honor, The League of Grateful Sons of 2012

The Story of Liberty and the
Veterans of WWII

For just under a year now, amazing letters and packages have been showing up at the home of Liberty Phillips. Some include beautiful notes written by hand. Others not only contain letters, but photos and memorabilia from more than half a century ago. The common denominator is that the senders are aged veterans who served close to seventy years ago during the Second World War. And they are writing to Liberty because she first wrote to them. (more…)

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Memorial Day Picnic on the Radio

Yesterday, I was on the radio at AM 1030 with Steve Noble talking about Memorial Day:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Come join Steve Noble, myself, and hundreds of other people at an old-fashioned Memorial Day Picnic as we seek to rebuild a culture of honor, praise God for His mercy to us, and proclaim the gospel.

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IndoctriNation in Florida – Please Help Spread the Word

A Special Message from Joaquin Fernandez, producer of the film “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

This weekend, Florida’s FPEA, who hosts the largest homeschool convention in the world, has made special, last-minute arrangements to add IndoctriNation to their program. IndoctriNation was added after the convention’s program was published. As a result, some 15,000 to 18,000 attendees will converge at the Gaylord, but few will know of their opportunity to watch IndoctriNation for free. Parents who are considering homeschooling need to know the severity of the risks of public education and the importance of not handing their children over to the state for their training.

Will you please help us raise awareness? We’re asking you to use whatever means available (e.g., phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, etc.) to shout from the housetops about this film’s availability.

The FPEA graciously assigned the “Naples” conference room to us for Friday and Saturday.  The film will play four times each day, at 10 AM, 12 NOON, 2 PM and 4 PM. Deep DVD discounts will be available.  Our potential viewing audience is 2,176.  Please help us share the piercing warnings of IndoctriNation.

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Sorry I Broke Your Lawn Mower – Restitution for Things Borrowed, Broken, or Stolen


Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and broke it and ignored the problem? Has anyone ever stolen anything from you and you had no biblical thinking with which to figure out what should happen next? The Bible actually has much to say about how to proceed.

In church life, this is very important. If you have a church where there are relationships that follow biblical patterns, people will sometimes sin against one another. They borrow from one another. They might ask to borrow your truck or your lawn mower. But did they dent the truck or scratch it? Did they break the lawn mower? What to do? The Bible has very helpful guidelines. Most of this teaching comes from Old Testament case law.


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Are Dads the New Moms?

In this video clip, “The age of the involved dad has arrived.” There is a cultural sea change…they are children of the women’s movement and the culture of divorce. She says, “There used to be a difference between father and mother…now they are morphing into a unisex/spouse/parent.”

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Why Do Some People Succeed and Others Fail?

Same Journey – Different Results. They left at the same time, but one would return and the other would perish. This is the story of personal life, family life, church life, and business life. It matters how you proceed. Here is a dramatic example: the 1911 Antarctic expedition led by Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott. The destination of both men was the South Pole, but the results of their two journeys were radically different. (more…)

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