Father-Son Retreat: Preparing Boys for Battle – September 28-29

Our Hope Baptist Annual Father-Son Retreat is coming up on September 28-29. The theme will be Preparing Boys for BattleLearn about the retreat, and please sign up.

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How Family-Integrated Churches Are Equipped to Share the Gospel

The Comprehensive Nature of the Great Commission

The Love of God Compels Us to Evangelize

Evangelistic Fathers Earnest for the Advancement of the Kingdom of God

Death Mistress Margaret Sanger Makes Time Magazine’s Top 20 Americans

The signs of a nation in collapse are exposed when the people appreciate what is despicable. They call evil good and good evil (Is. 5:20). The TIME 20 list includes many who are haters of God and haters of good. But this one person, Margaret Sanger, has been reincarnated for death hundreds of millions of times – death of live babies; death of babies to be; death of marriages; death of bodies and minds through STD’s and other curses of licentiousness. The heartache, the suicides, and the scalding and dismemberment of real humans is ignored for the idol of freedom to choose.

Feminist killer of womanhood, Gloria Steinem, wrote the piece for TIME explaining Sanger’s significance. She, as usual, is sunny about what is dark: (more…)

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Joel Beeke on Family Worship – a Tool of Evangelism in the Home

Paul Washer and Scott Brown with Thoughts on Short-Term Mission Trips

Stephen Hopkins on Man-Centered Evangelism vs. God-Trusting Evangelism

Hillary Clinton Here with Me in Malawi

Hillary Clinton came down here to Malawi and after she left, the local newspapers reported that she pledged to give more of our money to Malawi, even though our national debt is about $100,000 per household.

“Clinton toured an educational summer camp for girls run by the Peace Corps, where the curriculum includes sexual health and birth control. Later, Clinton’s party bumped down a long dirt track to a U.S.-sponsored milk-production cooperative where farmers can also be tested and treated for HIV” (from the Washington Post).

Meanwhile, in a small Malawian church, another delegation from the U.S. was preaching a different message…

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The Great Commission – a Command, Not a Suggestion

Don Hart on the Church’s Duty to Equip the Saints

How Can a Whole Family Go on the Mission Field?

How a Family Is a Teaching Tool on the Mission Field
When Your Husband Wants to Take His Wife to a Poor Country
When a Wife Leaves Her Friends to Follow Her Husband
Why Did You Bring Your Children to the Mission Field?
Why Bring Your Family
to the Mission Field?
Downsides of Families
on the Mission Field
Upsides of Having Your Family on the Mission Field

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The Challenges and Opportunities of Missionaries

Here is Jimmy Lipunga speaking of the challenges and opportunities of missionaries…and even the opportunity before us in Malawi now. Jimmy is the organizer of the citywide men’s conference coming up on Friday.

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Dan Horn on the Scope and Greatness of the Great Commission

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