Feral Children Everywhere

Kerby Anderson’s “Point of View” explains the root of the recent violence in England and other places. This is why we say that the breakdown of the family is one of the critical defining issues of our day. Here is the full text of this very profound commentary entitled Mobs and Civilization by Kerby Anderson. He writes:

Earlier this month when Christian Adams was watching England burn, he said “one cannot help but sense something has gone awry in the west. London, the cradle of our law, spins toward lawlessness.” He was struck, as many of us were, of the seeming inability of our western civilization to respond to the violence. (more…)

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The Tongue Is a Fire

Just this morning our family read Psalm 101:5, where the Lord says, “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy.”  Here Sinclair Ferguson speaks on this very important subject, The Tongue is a Fire.

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PSSSST…Women Gossip for Five Hours a Day

A recent article reported something that I hope is not true. It says, “the average woman spends five hours a day gossiping. Whether they are at home or at work, females natter for around 298 minutes daily. It is the equivalent of more than a third of their waking hours, researchers found.” As elders we have spoken on this subject a number of times. Listen to Dan Horn here, and Scott Brown here.

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The Home Life of John G. Paton

From Missionary Patriarch: The True Story of John G. Paton

Our home consisted of a “but” and a “ben” and a “mid room,” or chamber, called the “closet.” The one end was my mother’s domain, and served all the purposes of a dining-room and kitchen and parlour, besides containing two large wooden erections, called by our Scotch peasantry “box-beds”; not holes in the wall, as in cities, but grand, big, airy beds, adorned with many-coloured counterpanes, and hung with natty curtains, showing the skill of the mistress of the house. The other end was my father’s workshop, filled with five or six “stocking frames,” whirring with the constant action of five or six pairs of busy hands and feet, and producing right genuine hosiery for the merchants at Hawick and Dumfries. The “closet” was a very small apartment betwixt the other two, having room only for a bed, a little table, and a chair, with a diminutive window shedding diminutive light on the scene. This was the Sanctuary of that cottage home. Thither daily, and oftentimes a day, generally after each meal, we saw our father retire, and “shut to the door”; and we children got to understand by a sort of spiritual instinct (for the thing was too sacred to be talked about) that prayers were being poured out there for us, (more…)

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I Boast with Joyful Conscience

“When I look at all the women in the world, I find none of whom I can boast as I boast with joyful conscience of my own. This one God himself gave to me, and I know that He and all the angels are pleased when I hold fast to her in love and fidelity.”

– Martin Luther concerning Katie, his wife

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Want a New Car? Get Sterilized!

People in western India are now being offered a car if they would be sterilized. The BBC reports that Sitaram Sharma, the head doctor in the area, “is hopeful that the chance to win a car might be just enough to tempt at least 20,000 men and women to undergo sterilisation.” They are ” also offering motorcycles, televisions and food blenders.” When will the nations of the world learn that God is not mocked?

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Assurance of Salvation?

Another Example of Calling Evil Good

Now US insurance companies are forced to cover contraceptive methods. The Tennessean reported on this family life tragedy that, “Finally, one of the biggest barriers to effective family planning — access to affordable birth control — has come tumbling down for millions of American women.” This is simply another example of calling evil good and good evil. What happened? The report says, “Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decided to follow the IOM recommendation and require all new insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act to cover the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods without charging co-pays or other out-of-pocket fees.” In America, we call the rejection of motherhood, the hatred of children and killing, “effective family planning.”

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One in Seven Americans Lives on Food Stamps

The US Department of Agriculture is reporting that, “one in seven Americans – 15 percent of the country – now need government-provided food stamps simply to survive, according to latest government figures…Nearly 46 million Americans receive food stamps out of a population of some 311 million people…”

Such a deal… “Under the food stamps programme, an eligible individual gets $200 a month in food stamps – in the form of a debit card that can be used at supermarkets and stores to buy authorized food. A two-person household gets $367 a month. A three-person household gets $526 a month. And a four-person household gets $668 a month.”

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Gospel-Centered Marriages Early Bird Special Ends August 31

Designed to bring parents and their marriage age children together to consider the biblical doctrine of marriage with the aim of God-centered marriages, this conference will seek to reset our thoughts about marriage and prepare the rising generation for marriages that glorify God.

Our main focus will be directed toward parents and their marriageable, unmarried children. We also recognize that parents should not wait until their children are old enough to marry to begin to prepare them, so we encourage whole families to participate in this exciting blend of lecture and fellowship.

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What Happens When Delight in the Gospel Fades

Here is a wonderful thought from Justin Taylor’s blog on how, “Ecstasy and delight are essential to the believer’s soul” and how losing it exposes us to spiritual danger. It fits so well with what we read family this morning in Romans 8 as the spirit within us cries out “Abba Father” and with Psalm 69:30-31 where David says, “I will praise the name of God with a song” and “this shall please the Lord better than an ox or bull.”

The blog begins with,

John Flavel (English Puritan – 1630-1691), was one of the main influences in Charles Spurgeon’s spiritual formation in the gospel. This quote will let you know why. (more…)

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Scott Brown on Moody Radio Friday

Friday at 10:00 Central time Scott Brown will be on Moody Radio with Julie Roys. She blogged about seeing Divided the movie.

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Laying Up Treasures in Heaven

Last Sunday, I preached on Matthew 6:19-34.

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In everything that we do, whether it be our charitable deeds, our prayers, or our fasting, we are doing one of two things – we are either laying up treasures in heaven or we are laying up treasures on earth. Jesus exhorts us not to lay up treasure on earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. Instead we should seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. If we do so, Jesus promised that He would give us the things we have need of, things for which we often worry about in an unnecessary and sinful manner. Jesus says that no one can serve two masters – there is nothing neutral about this. Are you laying up treasures in heaven or on earth?

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Listen to Scott Brown Live at 4 PM (EST) on the Janet Mefferd Show

Listen to Scott Brown live at 4 PM (EST) on the Janet Mefferd show, which airs on 110 radio stations nationwide.

Click here to listen live. (After you click “here,” the link to listen live is on the right side of the page.)

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Air Conditioners and Microphones Aren’t in the Bible Either?

People commonly take us to task for being inconsistent. You can see it documented with Frank Pastore on KKLA radio in Southern California, with several comments on the Divided the movie website comment section, and with Walt Mueller, of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding.

Critics say that the NCFIC argues that youth ministry does not exist in the Bible, and, therefore, that it should not exist in modern church life. They then contend that this argument is fallacious because many things are not “in the Bible” – air conditioning, computers, cars, even film (which is the media used for Divided the movie).

Consider three things:

First, the primary argument of the NCFIC and the film Divided (more…)

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