Fathers and Sons: Would You Like to Learn How to Become a Financial Professional?

Scott Brown Erik Weir Ashok Noah Adam Hall Don Murphy

How would you like to become a financial professional? Come to the Financial Professionals Workshop and learn how! This is a fantastic business that facilitates family economy. Kevin Swanson interviewed Scott Brown about the workshop coming up May 21, in Wake Forest, NC.

If you are interested, check out the background and experience of the speakers, the content of the sessions, and the issues we will address in the workshop. To register, click here.

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A Weed in the Church is now an ebook

My new book, “A Weed in the Church” is now available in ebook form here.

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Check out the Intro to Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine

[vimeo 19755363 581 327]

For more information on the Family Foundations Webinar, click here.

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Seven Questions to Ask in Time of Adversity

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, has posted a helpful blog on how we work through times of uncertainty. He proposes seven questions:

1. What if this isn’t the end but a new beginning?
2. What if the answer to my prayer is just over the next hill?
3. What if this is necessary in order for me to be prepared for the next important chapter in my life?
4. What if God knows exactly what I need at this particular time?
5. What if God is speaking to me through means I would not have chosen for a blessing I cannot see?
6. What does this experience make possible?
7. What will I be telling my grandchildren that I learned was so valuable in this season of my life?

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Gospel Centered Marriages – Sign up today for $90 a month family rate and $30 a month individual rate

Paul Washer

Joel Beeke

Scott Brown

Kevin Swanson

Doug Phillips

The Gospel Centered Marriages conference is only 5 months away! Designed to bring parents and their marriage age children (though the whole family is welcome) together to consider the biblical doctrine of marriage with the aim of God-centered marriages, this conference will seek to reset our thoughts about marriage and prepare the rising generation for marriages that glorify God. Due to many requests and in an effort to provide a more convenient way to register, we are now offering a monthly payment option for conference registration. Instead of paying the full $450 family registration cost ($150 individual rate) up front or waiting until last minute, you can still get your registration in early while paying the registration cost in smaller increments up until the conference. The monthly payment amount is automatically determined by the number of months remaining before the conference. Sign up today for Gospel Centered Marriages and pay 5 equal monthly payments of only $90 per family or $30 per individual.

Click here to register

For more information on this conference, click here.

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What does it mean to you if God is in control?

[vimeo 20794170 581 327]

To sign up for the Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine course, including access to the past archive of videos, please click here.

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Should we condemn the world’s frivolity?

We live in a world of frivolity. But do we go along and emulate it or condemn it? One author says we should condemn it – like Noah did. One of the cultural realities we have to face everyday in preaching the gospel, is that we have so dumbed down our society through an entertainment saturated lifestyle that people have little to draw from in order to evaluate what is important. This is not a new problem. In 1910, A.S. Peake, in his book, “Heroes and Martyrs of the Faith, noted that the people in his day were like those of Noah’s Day – frivolous. They were a people with “no reserve to which one can appeal.” Here is how he explains it:

"But what are we to do with the flippant and the frivolous, in whose nature there is no depth, no reserve to which one can appeal? What can be done with the shallow, irresponsible people to whom the gravest moral and spiritual issues are less than an idle tale…?

Read the whole context below:

I always feel that we have least hope of success with those whom we cannot get to take life seriously.

With those who are set in their antagonism to goodness, who throw themselves into active opposition are less to be despaired of. For with them, there is a certain earnestness and seriousness, a concentration of purpose, thougth directed to wrong ends. In short, they have character though it be bad character. And, there are numerous examples to show what valiant and loyal soldiers of righteousness, they may prove if they can once be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

But what are we to do with the flippant and the frivolous, in whose nature there is no depth, no reserve to which one can appeal? What can be done with the shallow, irresponsible people to whom the gravest moral and spiritual issues are less than an idle tale? …

Even blinder were the men of Noah’s time, for they imagined that all would go on in its accustomed routine, in that there would be no catastrophe at all…

It is the mission of the church to condemn the worlds insensibility. But our churches have too many in them who exhibit the same lack of moral seriousness. Few things are more ominous than the widespread disbelief in the great principle of retribution…. We need to recapture the sense of the majesty of law, the unflinching sternness of the moral order, the unswerving movement of justice in its course, the loftiness of the demand upon us, the futility of our cowardly evasion.

Thus with rigorous self-discipline we rise to self-mastery, life becomes charged for us with an eternal significance. Thus by our noble seriousness we may condemn the worlds frivolity. By our steadfast conviction of the unseen we may reprove its crass incredulity, and become heirs, “of the righteousness which is according to faith.”

Peake, A.S, Heroes and Martyrs of the Faith, Hodder and Stoughton, 1910

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FIC Elder and Nuclear Fallout Expert on CNN

CNN: Nuclear ‘fear factor’ rises in Japan

Our friend, Cham Dallas from Grace Fellowship Baptist Church in Comer Georgia gave an expert opinion on CNN regarding the Japanese Nuclear power plant failure contingencies.

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Is this the “Dumbest Generation?”

Mark Bauerlein has written an book, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.

He describes this generation like this, "Adolescent social life continues nearly 24/7 through texting, TV, and social networks. Without a break from these things and a chance to read books and serious news, he said, students reject material from the adult world (such as schoolwork) and fail to connect what they learn with their personal lives. He called on adults to act as mentors for young people and to encourage them to take on the responsibility and curiosity that can help them grow in maturity."

See the video clip here of an interview. Take note of the following takeaways from the interview:

  • 2:25 – There’s a lack of scrutiny among digital natives about tech assimilation (2 mins)
  • 6:22 – Homework rates have fallen even as remedial ed has skyrocketed (30 secs)
  • 7:00 – There’s a diminishing interest in humanistic understanding (30 seconds)
  • 7:38 – In the past, youth culture wasn’t 24/7; there was more adult exposure (2 mins)
  • 11:11 – Youth culture is anti-intellectual, anti-eloquence, anti-historical. (1 min)
  • 12:47 – Their personal lives are overwhelmed by a hyper-social existence (1 min)
  • 14:36 – Peer pressure has a whole new arsenal in an always-on culture (2 mins)
  • 16:50 – Mentors need to keep pressing the message of engaging intelligent media (1 min)
  • 18:00 – One of our jobs as elders is to rebuke adolescence and narcissism (1 min)

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Is the Great Commission Enough for People?

<p>In this video clip, <a href=”http://wscal.edu/resource-center/resource/what-is-the-great-commission”><em><strong>Michael Horton</strong></em></a>, puts his finger in the wound and makes some very important and culturally relevant comments about what it means to fulfill the Great Commission. He says that we have lost confidence in the means of grace that God has established for the church. How about listening to it a few times…? It’s really helpful. He says,</p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>&quot;<em>We (the church) just have lost alot of our confidence in the power of<br />
the Spirit through the Word and the sacraments.  We kind of turned to<br />
other means of grace, and we have failed to see the wisdom of God in<br />
using the things that He’s promised.</em>&quot; (at 2:25)</p>

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Firey Discussions on the Fires of Hell

This morning our men’s bible study, in preparation for the preaching on Sunday morning, focused on Matthew 13:24-43, where Jesus tells the parable of the wheat and the tares that explains that there are only two kinds of people in the world (wheat and tares) and that they will experience two very distinct ends. It was mentioned that this text blows up much of the theology of what is called the "emergent church." This was a very timely passage of scripture in light of the recent firestorm of blogs and emails that was generated form the announcement and trailer for Rob Bell’s new book, "Love Wins," which is a contradiction to the historic understanding of the eternal state. Albert Mohler has begun a series that will be a helpful analysis. Also, consider D.A. Carsons comments, and this from Sinclair Ferguson speaking on the heart of the matter (universalism) over a decade ago.

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Sign Up for Family Foundations – Tonight – What about Free Will?

Here is a brief clip from one of the previous sessions of "Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine."

[vimeo 20794170 581 327]

Click Here for More Information and to Register

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What about Parachurch Ministries?

Doug Phillips gave an excellent message at our Love the Conference about Parachurch ministries, entitled, "The Parachurch Paradox ." Now, 9 Marks has just released a number of thoughtful articles that tackle the same issue.

You will find many articles on the subject including, "Nine Marks of a Healthy Parachurch Ministry" by Mack Stiles, "How Parachurch Ministries Go Off the Rails" by Carl Trueman, and "How Church Discipline Will Save the Parachurch," by Jonathan Leeman.

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Meet Mr Average: Men spend 11 years in front of the TV and 10,500 hours in the pub

The Daily Mail ran an article (reposted on You Will Read News) last week about manhood’s downward slide. It reports that, "Britian’s Mr. Average, will spend 10,585 hours in the pub, 11 years in front of the TV and learn to cook just four meals in his lifetime." In short, he is wasting his life on meaningless pursuits. This is another wake up call for men to break with common society and raise a new generation that will engage in productive labors for the glory of God.

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8 Tips for Talking to Your Children About the Sermon

Here are some helpful thoughts about children listening to sermons and how parents can help their children understand them.

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