Did You Know That Murder Is Now Officially Legal For Mothers?

Abortion still legalOur NC governor, Beverly Perdue signed a law assuring that "Suspects accused of causing a fetus to die or injuring one inside the womb at any stage of development would face separate criminal charges." This fetal homicide bill, that was passed in the NC Senate in a 45-4 vote makes it a felony to injure a fetus "at any stage of development." The law takes effect Dec. 1.

Associated press writer, Gary Robertson stated that "the measure Perdue signed on Friday doesn’t apply to legal abortions but does convey legal status upon fetuses unable to survive outside their mother’s womb."

North Carolina is not alone in the United States in passing a law like this. There are 35 other states that have added the unborn child as a possible victim of crime. These crimes can take place "at any time after conception."

The charges for the crime include first and second-degree murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter with punishments as stiff as life in prison without parole. The law allows that "A defendant also can be charged with assault if the mother gives birth after she’s attacked and the child is seriously injured, stays hospitalized or was born prematurely…There is no requirement that an attacker know the woman was pregnant at the time to face an additional charge for the fetus…"

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Fishers of Men

Today is the first official day in the office for the NCFIC 2011 Interns. We are very grateful for these men who have been set aside to serve in this way. We desire to make a deposit in their lives for the love of scripture, the church and for the restoration of biblical family life. We are most thankful for the help they have in the Lord Jesus who said, “I will make you fishers of men.” To learn more about the NCFIC Internship Program, click here.

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This week, David Wilkerson was killed in an automobile crash. Here is something he said that is very precious to me.

A Call to Anguish – David Wilkerson

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How Important are Church and Family Life in the Grand Scheme of Things?

church lifeAs we do the good work of prioritization in our lives we always have to face the issue of relative importance. This means that we make sure that the really big things in life are first in priority and the small things fall lower on the scale of importance. One of the propositions of the NCFIC is that church and family life stand tall among the most important priorities of life. The very existence of the NCFIC serves to state that your family and the family of God are of enormous importance. Not only do they serve great eschatological purposes for the glory of God, they also work together in a symbiotic relationship where each one is divinely designed (specifically) to bless the other. This point was illustrated during an interview with the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Albert Mohler by Tabletalk Magazine. Dr. Mohler is asked this question: “Although there are many, is there one lesson the Lord has taught you that you would care to share with us?” Albert Mohler replied,

“I think the one great lesson the Lord has taught me over these years is that the importance of the family and the local congregation supersedes every other relationship to which the Christian is called. Christians demonstrate the glory of God and the power of the gospel by the way we marry and stay married, by the way we raise our children, by the way we love each other, and by the way we live faithfully in the congregation of believers. In the end, I fear that far too much energy is devoted to and far too many hopes are invested in institutions, programs, and projects that will not last. The centrality of Christ’s purpose to glorify himself in His church and the blessings of God that are directed to the precious gift of the family — these far exceed our other allegiances.”

Click here for the interview.

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For Your Summer Travels

In his letters to his daughters, Legh Richardson, writing in the early 1800′s, gives his daughters advice for the times when they travel. He counsels them on "Journeyings":

Cultivate knowledge as you travel.

History, antiquities–in cities, towns, churches, castles, ruins, etc.

Natural history – in plants, earths, stones, minerals, animals, etc.

Picturesque taste–in landscape scenery and all its boundless combinations.

Cultivate good-humored contentment, in all the little inconveniences incident to inns, roads, weather, etc.

Cultivate a deep and grateful sense of power, wisdom, and goodness of God, in creation and providence, as successively presented to your notice from place to place.

Keep diaries and memoranda of daily events, places, persons, objects, conversations, sermons, public meetings, beauties, wonders, and mercies, as you travel. Be minute and faithful.

Ask many questions of such as can afford useful information as to what you see.

Write your diary daily; delays are very prejudicial. You owe a diary to yourself, to your friends left at home, and to your father, who gives you the pleasure and profit of the journey.

 ~Letters & Counsels by Legh Richmond, p.24-25

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A Church Repenting of Systematic Age Segregation

Check this from a pastor who is now leading his congregation to make major changes"

I move that Eastside Baptist Church repent and cease the practice of systematic age-segregation of all corporate gatherings; whether worship, small group (Sunday School), prayer meetings, or discipleship. We call all fathers and mothers to reclaim their God breathed jurisdiction of teaching their children the things of God. We submit ourselves to the patterns of Holy Scripture and reject secular methods opposed to this Holy Scripture that shows all ages gathering together for worship, teaching, evangelism, ministry, and prayer. We do so boldly knowing that few in our city, state, region, or nation may understand. A nursery will be provided for ages 3 years of age and younger for all parents wanting this provision for corporate Sunday worship we also welcome children of all ages at all times in all gatherings.

Here is the full story.

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What is at the Heart of Modesty?

One of my messages at our church father/daughter retreat this last weekend was on the subject of "Modesty." I gave six texts on modesty that every father and daughter need to understand. One of the men in our church sent me these helpful and powerful video clips on the subject. Part One and Part Two.

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Free Audio Download – Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 Conference

SOS Audio

We are now offering the entire collection of messages from the Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 NCFIC National Conference for FREE! This conference, which took place December 10-12, 2009, in Covington, KY, called Christians back to their foundation, affirming that the Scripture alone is sufficient to direct their lives and the life of their families, their churches, and their country in the 21st Century. 35 messages cover everything from the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture to Youth Ministry to personal evangelism.

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A Weed in the Church Ebook Only 2.99

A Weed in the Church can now be purchased for the Kindle ($2.99) and the Nook ($6.99). Also, the hardcopy edition is just $9.99 a copy. 





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Issues and Answers on Leaving a Church

Leaving a ChurchHere is a message by Dan Horn, like one we have given many times, that touches on handling disagreements in church life – Issues and Answers for Leaving a Church.




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Are You Running to Herbs or Weeds?

Cultivating personal righteousness‘A man’s nature runs either to herbs or weeds, therefore let him seasonably water the one and destroy the other.’

- Sir Francis Bacon




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What Does True Repentance Look Like?

My text for Sunday was Matthew 3:1-12, Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. You can listen to the audio here or you can read the transcript here.

Here is an excerpt from one section:
Earthquake, Repentance is a radical seismic change"So we must define repentance accurately. Repentance is a radical seismic transformation just like Isaiah said, “Every valley shall be exalted And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight.”

True repentance is like an earthquake of the soul that changes the configuration of your life. And it is like the restructuring of the earth happens when the hills are brought down and the valleys are raised up. This is the radical restructuring of life that is true Christianity.

We recently were horrified by the news about that gigantic earthquake in Japan. The coastline of Japan moved 13 feet and it tilted the earth’s axis by 10 inches. The earth changed in the same way that Isaiah 40 explains – the hills were brought low and the valleys raised. Several years ago there was another gigantic earthquake in Chile. The entire city of Concepcion moved 10 feet to the west and the capital city, Santiago moved as well. So this kind of geographical revolution is part of the picture of repentance.

How do earthquakes happen. They happen because the tectonic plates are pressing up against one another, creating tension. They are pressing against each other, and the tension builds. They press and they grind against one another and then they slip and the earth changes. What happened in Japan is out in the ocean tectonic plates were pressing against each other and they started to slip and then finally, wham, they slipped creating the gigantic tsunami that washed 28,000 lives away into eternity.

Well, that is the kind of imagery that Isaiah is presenting in Isahah 40:4. This was the kind of repentance that was happening in the wilderness.

And so I am praying for us that we are not yawning our way to heaven, but that we are a repenting people who cry out to God that He would show us how we ought to repent.

What you do with your eyes, what you do with your time, what you do with the meditations of your heart, what you do with your relationships, what you do with your clothing, what you do with your car, what you do wit your house, what you do with your money. That is what John is talking about here. This is the stuff of the Christian life. This is true Christianity.

And in this room here today there are those who aren’t converted. I pray that you would feel the tension. Maybe this would be the day when the tension in your sould will rise to such a degree that you make a dramatic shift and you change and it is like an earthquake of the soul where the whole landscape of your life is transformed."

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My Counsel for My Daughters on Amusements, Books, Music and Dress

Writing in the 19th century, the Rev. Legh Richmond, composed a letter to his daughters that contained exactly the same kind of counsel I gave my own daughters regarding amusements, books music and dress.

Dear Daughters,

With a heart full of affection, I sit down to express a few sentiments and intimations of my wishes, as connected with your conduct. Keep them constantly with you, and let them be read over, at least once a week. May God render them useful to you!

AMUSEMENTS. (Plays, balls, concerts, cards, dances, etc., etc.)

Serious, consistent Christians, must resist these things, because the dangerous spirit of the world and the flesh is in them all. They are the ‘pomps and vanities of this wicked world,’ so solemnly renounced by God. To be conformed to these seductive and more than frivolous scenes–is to be conformed to this world, and opposed to the character and precepts of Christ. Those who see no harm in these things–are spiritually blind; and those who will not hear admonition against them–are spiritually deaf. Shun, my dear girls, the pleasures of sin–and seek those pleasures which are at God’s right hand for evermore. You cannot love both! (more…)

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What is “Will Worship”?

This Spring, I have been taking my daughter Claudia to Andy Davis’ seminary class, at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, on John Calvin, where he has been working his way through, Calvin’s Institutes, which is on her reading list this year.

Here are a few notes from the last class:

Andy started by stating that the reformation was mainly about the doctrine of worship – how will God be worshiped in the church. At the beginning of the lecture he quoted Matthew 15:8-9, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. 9 They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men."

Then he quotes Calvin on "will worship,"

"By these words, all kinds of will-worship, as Paul calls it, (Colossians 2:23,) are plainly condemned. For, as we have said, since God chooses to be worshipped in no other way than according to his own appointment, he cannot endure new modes of worship to be devised. As soon as men allow themselves to wander beyond the limits of the Word of God, the more labor and anxiety they display in worshipping him, the heavier is the condemnation which they draw down upon themselves; for by such inventions religion is dishonored." [Comm. on Matthew 15:9]

"From this we may gather that man’s nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols." (1.11.8)

"Man’s mind, full as it is of pride and boldness, dares to imagine a god according to its own capacity; as it sluggishly plods, indeed is overwhelmed with the crassest."

"There is no doubt that the perfect teaching of righteousness that the Lord claims for the law has a perpetual validity. Not content with it, however, we labor mightily to contrive and forge good works upon good works. The best remedy to cure that fault will be to fix this thought firmly in mind: the law has been divinely handed down to us to teach us perfect righteousness; there no other righteousness is taught than that which conforms to the requirements of God’s will; in vain therefore do we attempt new forms of works to win the favor of God, whose lawful worship consists in obedience alone. (2.8.5)

i) The God who is spirit is fully able to reveal his will for his own worship… and to oppose ALL HUMAN INVENTIONS.

ii) Christians are thus forbidden not only images but all forms of worship invented by the mind of man.

"The purpose of this commandment, then, is that he does not will that his lawful worship be profaned by superstitious rites. To sum up, he wholly calls us back and withdraws us from petty carnal observances, which our stupid minds, crassly conceiving of God, are wont to devise. And then he makes us conform to his lawful worship, that is, a spiritual worship established by himself." (2.8.17)

iii) God alone regulates his worship; he has not given to the church the authority to introduce new forms of worship.

"…he alone (when we seek the way to worship him aright and fitly) has authority over our souls, him we ought to obey, and upon his will we ought to wait." (4.10.8)

iv) The church must resist the temptation to add to or to take away from revealed worship.

v) The church had no power to bind the consciences of members with worship invented by the church which had no foundation in the Word of God.

"…in these observances one thing must be guarded against. They are not to be considered necessary for salvation and thus bind consciences by scruples; nor are they to be associated with the worship of God, and piety thus be lodged in them." (4.10.27)

vi) Unbiblical ceremonies are very attractive to fallen human nature; the simple forms of worship instituted by God are very different and are designed to lead us straight to Christ.

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What Did Spurgeon Think of the Second London Baptist Confession?

Here is Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, on the Second London Baptist Confession:

Second London Baptist ConfessionTo The Church in New Park Street, Among Whom It Is My Delight To Minister,

Dearly beloved,

This ancient document is a most excellent epitome of the things most surely believed among us. By the preserving hand of the Triune Jehovah, we have been kept faithful to the great points of our glorious gospel, and we feel more resolved perpetually to abide by them.

This little volume is not issued as an authoritative rule, or code of faith, whereby you are to be lettered, but as an assistance to you in controversy, a confirmation in faith, and a means of edification in righteousness. Here, the younger members of our church will have a Body of Divinity in small compass, and by means of the Scriptural proofs, will be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in them. “Be not ashamed of your faith; remember it is the ancient gospel of martyrs, confessors, Reformers, and saints. Above all, it is the truth of God, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail.

Let your lives adorn your faith, let your example recommend your creed. Above all, live in Christ Jesus, and walk in Him, giving credence to no teaching but that which is manifestly approved of Him, and owned by the Holy Spirit. Cleave fast to the Word of God, which is here mapped out to you. May our Father, who is in Heaven, smile on us as ever!

Brethren, pray for —

Your affectionate Minister,

Charles H. Spurgeon

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