Plastic Flowers vs. God’s Fruit

 “We should love the Father with all of our heart, mind and soul.  It’s ‘inside out’, not ‘outside on’,” explained Jeff Pollard.

“In our neighborhood, we noticed that the bushes in front of the neighbor’s house always had colorful, blooming flowers” – no matter the season.  Their curiosity got the best of them.  “So, one day we drove up in their driveway.  We looked carefully. 

“Someone had tied these plastic flowers on these living bushes. They looked great from the road. Isn’t that the way some of us are?  We put things on from the outside, hoping that people will look at us and be impressed. 

“God wants to develop real fruit — every one of those fruit born of God’s Spirit within us. When God regenerates us by His spirit, he gives us new desires, a new life. We don’t start a new life with external things — wired-on flowers, but an inward heavenly life which works its way out.

“If that is true of you, your life will change, you will begin to love holy things.  As much as you may struggle, as much as you have to die to yourself, you will follow Christ, and you will deny yourself daily.  You know what?  You will be different from the world,” said Pollard.

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