Preaching The Glory of the Kingdom of God

God is all good things, and every good thing. 

He is self-sufficient, alone-sufficient, and all-sufficient. 

Nothing is lacking in him–either for the soul’s protection from all evil, or for the soul’s perfection with all good. 

If God were your portion, you would find in him whatever your heart could desire and whatever could lead you to happiness. 

Are you ambitious? God is a crown of glory. 

Are you covetous? God is unsearchable riches. 

Are you lustful? God is rivers of pleasure and fulness of joy. 

Are you hungry? God is a feast. 

Are you weary? God is rest–a shadow from the heat and a shelter from the storm. 

Are you weak? God is everlasting strength. 

Are you in doubt? God is marvelous in counsel. 

Are you in darkness? God is the Sun of righteousness, an eternal life. 

Are you sick? He is the God of your health. 

Are you sorrowful? He is the God of all comfort. 

Are you dying? He is the fountain of life. 

Are you in distress? His name is a strong tower, to which you may run to find safety. 

He is a universal remedy against all sorts of misery. Whatever your calamity, he can remove it. Whatever your necessity, he can relieve it. He is silver, gold, honor, delight, food, clothing, house, land, peace, wisdom, power, beauty, father, mother, wife, husband, mercy, love, grace, glory, and infinitely more than all these.1

1. The Fading of the Flesh and the Flourishing of Faith, George Swinnock