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Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine Video Series (16 DVDs)

Family Foundations in Sound Doctrine Video Series (16 DVDs)

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This video series brings pastoral counsel to families on the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689. This is a doctrine-centered, family-focused discussion on systematic theology. The focus is on application for family and church life, Scott Brown, Dan Horn, and Jason Dohm treat each of the SLBC’s 32 chapters.


Set in a living room setting, questions such as “How do we apply this in our families, churches and communities?” and “What happens when the church, family and state gets this right or wrong are addressed. If you have ever thirsted to learn more about your God or even been daunted by the whole idea of doctrine, this video series is an open door for the whole family to begin their quest in learning doctrine.


Included on these DVDs:


  • Practical application of a historic confession.
  • Systematic theology for your family.
  • A great, discipleship tool for the family.
  • Teaching from local, church elders. 
  • And Much More!