The Sufficiency of Scripture and Family Integration

Kevin Swanson shared how the battle for the family and the church is being fought on issues of Biblical jurisdiction.

Scripture delegates to the family, the church, and the state certain spheres of authority, and they can exercise no authority outside those spheres. Tragically, however, the church has usurped authority from the family by training youth through Sunday schools and youth groups, whereas the Bible commits the training of children to their parents. Relationships may be ‘slow’ and ‘inefficient,’ but discipleship is God’s method.

As we reject this unbiblical usurpation, families and churches must be integrated with humility, law, and love.

He closed by reminding his listeners that we are fighting for the life of the family and the church in the twenty-first century. Every battle in this war is important. By God’s grace, these battles will be won.

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Applying Scripture to Education

All those who came out for the first session of the day were treated to a lecture straight from the heart of Kevin Swanson. Passion, animation, and conviction poured from him as he put forth God’s plan for the education of children.

Kevin began with a look at our present atheistic culture, contrasting it with America’s forefathers who publicly acknowledged His sovereignty over them and their whole nation. “The reason we live in the nation of America as it is today is because the atheists in our country have made progress and we have not. Homeschooling is the nub of the battle, a battle for the mind’s and hearts of the next generation. . . . The ideas of this nation are transmitted in the schools, not the churches.”

Kevin put forward the most basic fundamental principle of the Bible on education: “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.” He stressed the fundamental duty of parents to instill in their children the fear of God while teaching everything from math to grammar. He also stressed the importance of having God’s priorities for education and the preeminence of character training. “Teaching knowledge without character is like putting wallpaper on walls that don’t exist.” Kevin went on to state, “we must be preparing our children for the correct city, the city of God not the city of man. God brings down the city of man—Babylon, Greece, Rome—teach your children that. Teach them what God is doing. Give them the Word of God.”

He sumerized his message with the statment: “If every person in this room walks out of here today thinking, ‘we need more fear of God in the way we educate our children,’ my job is accomplished.”

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Joseph Morecraft – The Sufficiency of Scripture for Church Discipline

Joseph Morecraft wisely applied the sufficient Scriptures to church discipline this morning.

He explained that every member of the church is responsible to exercise church discipline through the process of discipling others. Faithful church discipline is an essential mark of a true church. The church must expel the wolves lest they devour the flock.

Quoting from Revelation 2:20-23, he solemnly warned his hearers that if church discipline is not practiced in our churches, the Lord Jesus Christ, the sole head of the Church, will discipline us with an iron hand and remove His lampstand from us.


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Andy Davis – The Sufficiency of Scripture for Habits of Obedience



Andy Davis spoke this morning on the sufficiency of Scripture for habits of obedience.

Why build these habits? We are commanded to present our bodies to God as living sacrifices (Romans 12) and we do this by growing into habitual obedience. This is the process of sanctification.

Andy laid out seven key areas in which we must build these habits: worship, spiritual disciplines, family, ministry to other Christians, ministry to non-believers, stewardship, and work.


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Kevin Swanson – Scripture is Sufficient for Your Educational Decisions

Kevin Swanson passionately pled with the audience to abandon useless form in education and instead to model the fear of God, which is the true basis of all knowledge.



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Scott Brown Welcomes Kevin Swanson to the Platform

Dawn in Cincinnati as the Last Day of The Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 Begins



“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” – Psalm 5:3.


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Paul Washer – America’s Jeremiah



This evening, Christ was preached. Paul Washer is a man like Jeremiah, who speaks because he cannot hold it in. He closed this wonderful Friday of the conference by preaching the Gospel. I could say much about all that he said, but his message was very simple: “Your home-education, nice clothes, and manners cannot save you. Flee to Christ!”

“My desire is to strip you of every hope in the flesh, to shut you off from every hope whatsoever of somehow making yourself right with God by your own virtue and merit.” If you repent of trying to clothe yourself in the filthy rags of your own righteousness and fall on Christ, He will save you. Then you will grow in Christ-likeness, and you will know His presence; this is the Gospel.

Our beginning point and our ending point, our motivation and our reward, our desire and our satisfaction, must be in Christ alone. “Judge everything you do by this standard: is it really only for Him? If he took everything away and left you only with Him, would you still have joy unspeakable, because your hope is in Him?”

“Throw yourself on Christ, and you will not be disappointed.”

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Biblical Youth Ministry



This evening I tried to set before the gathered families a Biblical analysis of youth ministry.

I grew up along with the culture of youth ministry—read all the books, tried all the methods. But I came to realize that the rise of programmatic, age-segregated youth ministry in the mid-twentieth century was actually a new invention in the history of the church. For the first time in history, trained youth ministers have been recruited in order to put the young people of the church in the hands of so-called experts. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, churches are shelling out millions of dollars on programs, buildings, and entertainment for youth. The focus of these churches has been shifted from evangelism to entertainment under the name of evangelism and church leaders are setting aside the commands of God for church and family life in order to grow the church.

This philosophy and practice of comprehensive, age-segregated, programmatic youth ministry is indisputably unbiblical in pattern. There is no evidence that this practice ever did or should exist among the people of God. It is even contrary to the ministry patterns of Christ. As one brother recently pointed out to me, modern youth ministry can be destroyed by just one verse of the Bible, Proverbs 13:20: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

Modern youth ministry is also inherently destructive in its impact. It divides the church by creating generational division and multiple cultures instead of a unified “body.”

By rejecting youth groups, we are not rejecting ministry to youth. On the contrary, we wholeheartedly embrace and promote generous investments in teaching Scripture to the youth of the church. But we must do it in God’s way! What are His commands and patterns? Every Christian is charged with making disciples of all nations including their youth.

God-honoring marriage is the most important means of youth ministry. When husbands love their wives, the children get a picture of what Christ does for His bride. Fathers ought to teach their children the law. Proverbs in particular, because it contains the wise instruction of a father to his son, should always be included in ministry to youth.

I hope that we are now at the end of this 50-year failed experiment. We now have almost three generations of children who had no father who walked beside them but a youth group instead. It is obvious that half a decade of youth group does not produce young people who are passionate about the church.

Youth ministry is a weed that gained root in the church and has grown for a long time, wrapping its roots around almost every area.

What should our response be to this 50-year-old weed? It is time to root out and replant. In the words of the prophet Jeremiah, “…I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” We must root up the weed, pull down the house of inventions and replace it with God’s beautiful plan for youth ministry. Will you join with me in putting your hand to this task?

There is one reason for this action and one reason alone—it is not ordained of God.


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WWII Fighter Pilot Bill Brown Flies Again!

Special Friend, Future Leader, and Volunteer Stephen Breagy

A Special Brother Sister Duo

Let the Little Children Come

Dr. Joe Spoke, and We Listened



Dr. Joe Morecraft gave our first keynote of the evening tonight, making the case that Scripture is sufficient for all of life. Of course, this very claim demanded that he use Scripture itself to do so.

Starting with Deuteronomy 4, which forbids adding to or taking away anything from the Word of God, he went on from passage to passage.

At one level, the answer to whether Scripture is sufficient to rule us is a simple question: What better standard can there be? If not this standard, what standard? “The Bible is divinely authoritative on everything about which it speaks, and it speaks about everything.”

Joe is a man that is filled with the Holy Spirit and preaches passionately. So I was not surprised to see tears in his eyes as he prayed in closing that all of his listeners would walk away dedicated to tell the whole world about Jesus Christ and His sufficient Word – until the knowledge of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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