Should We Celebrate Christmas?

Each year, I receive letters asking my thoughts about the celebration of Christmas. So last year, I posted over a dozen articles on the subject of Christmas expressing a number of different perspectives from respectable men. Here they are below.  My view is that it would be very unwise to refrain from evaluating this holiday from a strictly biblical perspective. Further, it is helpful to get perspective. One beneficial way to do this is to consult the historical record to consider what others in previous generations have thought about Christmas. These articles are written by men who have tried to think biblically about Christmas. No one will agree with all of them. My counsel is that we all carefully scrutinize all cultural practices in the light of Scripture, listen to godly counsel, and be faithful to obey the Lord as He convicts us. It is important to preserve love, and continue the dialog.

What about Christmas? Ponder through the Twelve Days of Christmas series and test each of them by the Word of God.

Day 1: Sermon by Charles Spurgeon

Day 2: Jonathan Edwards on Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s

Day 3: XMAS by A.W. Pink

Day 4: John Piper

Day 5: George Whitefield

Day 6: Brian Schwertly

Day 7: John MacArthur on the Christmas Tree

Day 8: A Scottish Covenanter – George Gillespie – on Christmas

Day 9: Two Sermons Commenting on Christmas Observance from Charles Spurgeon

Day 10: The Puritans on Christmas

Day 11: Did We Celebrate Christmas in Early American History?

Day 12.1: More Quotes from the 17th to the 19th Centuries

Day 12.2: What Roman Catholics Say About Christmas

Day 12.3: Christmas and the Use of Time

Day 12.4: R.C. Sproul and J.I. Packer