Singleness is a Type of Something Greater

Here is a message on singleness I delivered a while back, “Singleness is a Picture of Something Greater.” Everything in the Bible exposes beauty – including singleness. What do you really think about singleness, really? What do your parents think about singleness? What are their thoughts about a person who is single? Do they have an attitude against it? Do they have a position? Are their attitudes and positions based in Scripture or out of personal preferences and desires? Jesus has very interesting and counter cultural things to say about singleness. Here is the bottom line: singleness is a type of something greater. In this message I examine the following texts on singleness: Matt 19:10-12; 1 Cor 7:6-9; 1 Cor 7:25-35; Isaiah 56:4-7.

In the same way that a husband is a type of Christ and a wife is a type of a submissibe church and children are types of obedient and honorable Christians, so singleness is also a type of Heaven. Your singleness on earth relates to a very specific kind of singleness that will be experienced in Heaven. You can live that kind of singleness now, as you single mindedly seek Christ. In Heaven there is no marriage but only singleminded devotion to Christ. Singleness is a picture of Heaven.