Southwest Family Vision Conference – God’s Design for Marriage

When the Supreme Court decided in 2015 that it had the right to redefine marriage, the Church was shocked. But why should it be? After all, the Court’s decision came after decades of redefining marriage. The Industrial Revolution took fathers away from the home, mandatory state education removed children from the home, World War II brought mothers out of the home, the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s broke the bonds of marriage and the 1970s and 80s made divorce en vogue. The problem of America’s marriage dilemma won’t be solved simply by kicking the Court’s decision to the curb. “Gay Marriage” in the courts has had more to do with the decades-long failure of the Church to define marriage according to God’s design. America has drifted far from the biblical definition of marriage and only a revival of God’s Word in the home will restore its dignity. 

The Family-Integrated Churches of the southwest would like to invite you to the Southwest Family Vision Conference to discuss God’s Design for Marriage. Learn about: 

    – Biblical Manhood
    – Biblical Womanhood
    – Preparing Children for Marriage
    – Having a Multi-Generational Vision
    – Living With Your Wife in an Understanding Way
    – Discipleship in the Home
    – Legal Perspective on Defending Marriage
    – And More…