Speaking Invitation Information Sheet

We appreciate your interest in co-laboring together for the work of Christ. Please fill out the information below. I will check my schedule and get back to you as soon as I can with an answer on whether I can participate.

Since Scott cannot accept every invitation, the information provided on this form is essential for discerning whether to accept or decline your invitation. View current schedule.

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7. The number and length of times Scott is to speak, the possible subjects, and the possible schedule (required)

8. Will there be additional speakers at this event? If so, who? (required)

9. Will there be music or other components included in the event? If so, please describe. If this is a Sunday worship service, then obviously there will be other components.

10. What is the range of anticipated attendance at this event? And if possible, please indicate briefly some of the general demographics of this group.

11. What is the "dress code" for all parts of this event?

12. Will there be a Q&A Session? (required)

13. Will there be a microphone and podium? (required)

14. Can you please provide Mr. Brown with a table for books and materials?

15. If applicable, will someone be assigned to pick Mr Brown?

16. If the event requires an overnight stay will someone be assigned to get Mr Brown to and from the evxent?

17. In addition to speaking, do you expect Mr. Brown to attend any receptions or spend time greeting people before or after the event?

18. If Mr. Brown will be driving to this event are there any special directions to the event?

19. Additional Notes