Stirred up to Build the House of the Lord

In Ezra 1:1-5, we begin a story of hope in the midst of ruin. It is the beginning of a 117 year story of how God restores sinners – He brings them out of Babylon into his own house nurture and care. Everything that ever happened in history is for the purpose of telling the story of the rescue of a bride to bring her into a house. This is why God stirs up hearts to build the household of the Lord in Ezra. Here is how Ezra 1:1-5 flows:

I. The word of God is fulfilled, v1a

II. The Lord stirred up the spirit of a king, v1b

III. The Lord commanded Cyrus to issue a decree, v1c

IV. The Lord moves the spirits of the heads of fathers houses to rise up, v5