Sunday School My Way

For quite some time, I have had a sinister thought about how to change the face of the traditional Sunday school. My view is that big changes are necessary because the modern Sunday school has had an unplanned effect: it has lulled fathers into inactivity.

If I had my way in a traditional church, at the doors of the Sunday school classes, I would place monitors (the bigger and uglier the better) which would ask the fathers who were dropping their children off if they had studied the Word with their families and properly catechized them during the week. Most would say they had not even though they did take them to Awana and Youth Group.

The “monitors” would use a script that reminds of the commands of God regarding their teaching responsibility. After this instruction, we send them back to their cars (with a Bible) so they can teach their children (instead of dropping them off and giving the job to someone it was never intended for in the first place).

The program oriented church is a brilliant marketing organization. It is structured to cause rapid growth by offering “services” like Sunday schools that appeal to a wide range of people. But, because these programs are more attractive to the common people, the things that the apostles require are left out because they are more difficult for people to accomplish.

It is much easier to send your children to a Sunday school class than it is to teach the Bible yourself.

The sad truth is: most men go to Sunday school and send their children off to do the same, but very few personally teach their children and wives.

Something drastic needs to done about it. Desperate times beg for desperate measures. Desperate measures require certain kinds of men.