The End of Patriarchy?

Homosexual Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson Declares the End of Patriarchy

Last week Duke University’s Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Life invited the openly gay Anglican Bishop, Gene Robinson to speak to students. During his stay, he announced the root issue causing so much commotion around his life,

“At first look, it appears to be about homosexuality. Step back and it appears to be about Biblical authority… If we step back one step further and notice this has way more power and energy than it ought to, my own opinion is that this is actually about the end of patriarchy.”

It is a brilliant statement, because he shows where the fight is, but he is one hundred percent wrong. First, it is about scripture, for it is from scripture that we derive patriarchy. Second, it is not about the end of patriarchy, it is about the devil’s attempt to end patriarchy. Patriarchy does not end – ever – but those who hate it will. Robinson and the gay/feminist agenda will try to stomp out patriarchy, but they will find that they are raging against a holy Father – God – who will have His way.