The False Promises of Women’s Liberation

The Lord Jesus Christ leads the world in desire that women be liberated, for He has said, “You shall know the truth and truth shall make you free.” But there is a false liberation that many are experiencing. The feminists cry “liberation, liberation,” but there is no liberation except this kind,

  • Liberation from God’s order for manhood and womanhood
  • Liberation from femininity and modesty
  • Liberation from men and service
  • Liberation from submission and authority
  • Liberation from staying home and a quiet life
  • Liberation from childbearing and generational vision
  • Liberation from the bondage of teaching and personal discipleship of her children
  • Liberation from home centered work and production
  • Liberation from mentoring the younger in her old age

In short, she has been “liberated” but she has also been stripped from all that God has declared to be beautiful and good. The home life that God has ordained for her provides the elemental building blocks for her satisfaction and success that extends for many generations. Shalom!