The Kind of Churches The NCFIC is Praying For

The mission of the NCFIC is to proclaim the sufficiency of Scripture for church and family life.  We believe that the a progressive returning to Biblical order in both of these spheres is critical for the health of both church and family. We pray for Biblically ordered churches with the following characteristics: 

I. Biblical purpose
Churches where the first purpose is to glorify God by obeying His Word and spreading the gospel until Christ comes again.

II. Sufficiency of Scripture
Churches where Scripture is the sole guide for church and family life.

III. Biblical preaching 
Churches which embrace that God leads His church through the faithful preaching the Word.      

IV. Prayer
Churches where everything is by prayer and supplication.

V. Regenerate church membership
Churches composed of the regenerate who have entered into covenant with one another.

VI. Biblically ordered church life
Churches embracing that only God is qualified to order church life and all activities must be regulated by His express commands.

VII. The Great Commission
Churches which evangelize and plant churches throughout the world.

VIII. Confessional foundations
Churches of doctrinal soundness according to historic confessions.

IX. Family reformation
Churches where Biblical family life, fatherhood and motherhood promoted and preserved.

X. Church as a body and family
Churches which are relational communities of brothers and sisters.

XI. Church discipline
Churches which maintain perseverance in the constant work of purification, fear and excommunication according to Biblical standards.

XII. Biblical Church Leadership – Elders and Deacons
Churches devoted to the appointing of Biblically qualified Elders and Deacons.