The Lust of the Eyes

The lust of the eyes.

“Our eyes can be the source of delightful experiences” like the enjoyment of a sunset or colorful fall foliage.

“No other avenue has such an immediate avenue to your soul,” explained Jeff Pollard.  “The world can easily and quickly gain entrance into our soul through the eyes.

*  “Eve saw the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was good for food, pleasant to the eyes. She was drawn by her eyes. 

*  “David saw Bathsheba washing herself atop in plain view from his palace.  He followed his eyes into the wicked desires of adultery.”

*  Today, men are inundated with provocative images on TV, at the movies and on-line. 

“Stirred up by the lust of the eyes, we permit images that lead to whoredom, greed, licentiousness, all manner of darkness.

“If you indulge the lust of the eyes, then you love the world,” said Pollard.

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