The Power of the New Birth

This is one of the clearest explanations of what it means to be a Christian in the entire Bible. John is preaching Christ as he continues to explain the miracle of the new birth. He describes what happens to you when you are born again. John is writing about what is the foundation of Christianity – the supernatural regeneration of the soul. The new birth is so powerful that it gives you:

1. Faith. 
2. Love for the children of God. 
3. Delight to keep His commandments. 
4. Power to overcome the world.

These words in 1 John make it clear that the heart of Christianity is not about “doing the right thing,” good behavior or knowing right doctrine. The center of Christianity is the power of a new birth, where Christ is causes you to become a new creature. In this way, the church is the place of the prominence of Christ and the demonstration of the power of the love of Christ.

In this way, the church ceases to be a work of man, and becomes a work of the life of God in the soul of man.